Sony Europe boss laughs off PS3 super slim talk

Sony is keeping tight-lipped on the long-rumored PlayStation 3-4000 model following its absence at Gamescom last week.

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units2788d ago

I wonder what they removed this time to make it more affordable

Knight_Crawler2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well from what we have seen so far they have added a slot where you slide to the right and put in your game which does not do any harm to us gamers.

One thing I dont understand is that when you redesign your product it takes alot of money becuse you have to reshape everything and production has to restart - the PS3 slim has only been out for 1 year and Sony is planning to do another redesign which mean more money and starting over...I am surprised Sony can afford to this being that there financials showed losses.

This was the same case with the PSP Go, it was reported that Sony took a huge loss on that design.

Not sure if Sony is really really wealthy and all of there CEO's wipe there bums with $100 bill or Sony just does'nt care anymore and knows that the Japanese government will bale them out if need be.

Army_of_Darkness2788d ago

If I told you that Sony removed the bluray drive this time, will that keep you quiet? ;-)

m-s-8-22788d ago

Dude, ps3 slim has been out for 3 years. Had to buy one cause my fat 80g yellow lighted a week before demons souls came out.

Knight_Crawler2788d ago does time fly.

I remember reading about the leak design like it was last year.

CShadow2788d ago

Removed the blu ray drive omg we can't play PS3 games any more?? That's retarded to even say.

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