RPG Site: Ni No Kuni Preview

After a bit of time with Ni No Kuni's English-language version, it's safe to say that the niche RPG is getting the love and attention it deserves from those in charge of its localization.

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ProjectDeputy2788d ago

too bad todays gamers wont care about this masterpiece...
all busy playing crappy CoD and no brainers shooters in overall.

Pre ordered my copy cant wait for this gen to come

Nodoze2788d ago

Not all gamers. I have been waiting for this since it was originally announced.

If you value titles like this BUY it! Otherwise next gen we will ONLY see COD.

LightofDarkness2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Sweet, I've become quite accustomed to the British accents in RPGs now and I'm glad to see they're leading the charge here too. For some reason they sound less cheesy than American VA in JRPGs has been of late (Star Ocean 4 causes ear cancer, for instance).

cornroves2788d ago

Haha, so true, I made the immediate switch to Japanese in Star Ocean. Word had already got out that it could cause ear cancer....

3-4-52788d ago

I can't wait for Black ops 2, Halo 4 and various other games....

But I can't wait for this game....the thing though is I only have a I'm hoping they bring it to that.

This game looks awesome. It just feels like it's going to have a good story with good characters..even if it has a somewhat younger theme/look to it.