8 PlayStation jobs worse than yours

You think you’ve got a Mac-job? Trust us, the world of gaming offers a nightmarish cornucopia of bad jobs. They’re not boring, they can kill you or worse. Yes, once you enter the world of PlayStation employment you could be looking at a position where death is only the beginning.

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skywarpgreer2783d ago

sigh ...why is this bs in the pc section? its again just a stupid pun at playstation are by far the worst writers ever .

killerhog2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

At least playstation journalist write about playstation and not stuff related to their competitor first party games or features *cough xboxworld and xboxplanet cough*

Also some of those games are multiplatform. Common sense then would tell me why it's tagged the way it is.

rdgneoz32783d ago

Only one of those is a PS3 exclusive. All the others are multi plat and on PC.

Soldierone2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

A lot of jobs are worse than mine. Putting it simple, porn could be on my computer and no one would notice. :P (I work for a company that licenses and distributes horror movies and we often have to edit things, and a lot of the movies have sex scenes)