Gunbound 10th Year Anniversary Marks New Season

Online gaming has been history for years and only a few games are left standing. Time has passed and things have changed on what gamers wanted to play. Most gamers these days would want those which are very much popular in Social Networking Sites and very much advertised. But over the years, Gunbound made his own history in casual online gaming for staying in the spotlight for ten years. Over 300,000 gamers are still attracted with Gunbound's gameplay and for some, built their passion on it. This is just one proof on why Gunbound has been one of the best enjoyable games since its existence.

New beginnings with Gunbound Season 3

To celebrate Gunbound's 10th anniversary, Gunbound Season 3 will be launched. It started with the BGM update last August 7 and a grand update during August 21. New image logo and icon for the new season were also released. In addition with that, the in-game IU is more attractive to gamers. A new server "Team Battle" is also launched during the update.

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