Iwata: Fans won't be cheated with Wii U and 3DS DLC

ONM writes: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that Nintendo fans won't feel cheated by Nintendo DLC. Nintendo plans to release New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC in the form of extra Coin Rush levels but Iwata insists that this content isn't being held back from fans who bought the game.

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DaThreats2786d ago

I like what I hear
All companies should listen to this and take account

Silver-Hawk2786d ago

Instead of dlc, they'd rather to release them as games that cost full retail price.

TimeSkipLuffy2786d ago

nice speech. Let's see what future will show us ^^. Sorry, but the gaming industry makes me real skeptical!

kesvalk2786d ago

what Nintendo should've done is come back with the Nintendo seal for DLC this time, that way, skins and DLC on disk will be easily identifiable.

Hicken2786d ago

Nintendo has been the best about the DLC thing so far this generation, so I'm hopeful that'll continue into the next.

Army_of_Darkness2786d ago

I always thought that the only reason why Nintendo never had dlc was because the Wii's lack of an expandable hdd...