Bethesda removes Prey 2 from its product line-up

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that Bethesda has silently removed Prey 2 from its product line-up. A quick look at Bethesda's official site proves these claims. Prey 2 is nowhere to be found. Prey 2 was in that page a while back, so this is definitely a game that was removed by Bethesda themselves. Not only that, but apart from that earlier statement, we have not heard anything new about this game."

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Whitefeather2784d ago

I hope it's still coming out this game looked fantastic at E3.

EVILDEAD3602784d ago

The original Prey still is one of my favorite gems this gen..I loved how they were moving the franchise forward into something much bigger..but wow it just looks like the release of this game keeps taking hits after hits.

Even if it doesnt come out this gen maybe they can release it next gen.

Still Prey 2 will always be on my must buy list..

For a game that was going to be pushed back, boy did it have some great trailers..that original live action one was amazing IMO


user54670072784d ago

As I said in another article, hopefully they are starting from scratch where Tommy will star as the main character. This "sequel" could of been passed off as a new IP for all I care, it felt nothing like Prey despite how good it looked.

megaworm252784d ago

looked good, but i think i'd prefer fallout 4

wwm0nkey2784d ago

Well the studio making this isn't and would never work on Fallout, Bethesda publishes games too and the sooner people know this the better. It was a shame when LA Noir came out and everyone thought RockStar made it.

megaworm252784d ago

i realise that Bethesda isn't making prey 2. I simply think that out of these two games that Bethesda Publishes i would prefer fallout 4

wwm0nkey2784d ago

Shame, it looked way different from Prey 1 but it looked really good.

badvlad2784d ago

I liked the first one very much. I want the second one

morganfell2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

You do realize the two games are vastly different, right?

Kurt Russell2784d ago

They did look very different. I'd be interested to see where they go with it, but I think as a fan of he original you may feel a little disappointed.

EVILDEAD3602784d ago

They are different but Tommy from the original was still supposed to make an in the game..


Agent_00_Revan2784d ago

Why do all the good looking games get canceled or postponed indefinitely, while unoriginal garbage continues to come out year after year?

matgrowcott2784d ago

"Innovative" games cost more to research, to develop and they rarely sell more than games that took half as long and cost half as much.

And, apart from the innovative bit, they rarely manage to get better review scores/fan reaction either.

DeadlyFire2784d ago

Well we are on the brink of next generation consoles. So its possible this gen version was scrapped or carried over directly to new SDK for next gen consoles. At least that is what I am thinking and hoping has happened.


we have to support these type of games a lot more and be a lot more vocal about it to the devs and publishers.

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The story is too old to be commented.