‘Winter’ isn’t totally dead, ‘Battlefront: Elite Squadron’ was originally ‘Battlefront 3 – DS’, more

n-Space comments on a number of topics, including the once Wii-exclusive Winter project, Battlefront: Elite Squadron, and more.

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Yodagamer2780d ago

I think nintendo should try to publish it, the last game nintendo published from them was pretty good and i'm sure they have learned more about game making since then.

Kyosuke_Sanada2780d ago


I was so glad to hear that this project isn't dead. Even though the gameplay video had some "sketchy" music to fit the tone (Conan The Barbarian, Silent Hill II), the atmosphere was already both mysterious and inviting to say the least. Then the creature design may rival Masahiro Ito's nightmarish style or hopefully surpass it to introduce a new level of disturbing imagery.

If this game is being released on the Wii U, then Nintendo already has a customer for their new console.