Sony's Yoshida confirms PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy for North America

Shuhei Yoshida: PS Vita-PS3 Cross Buy price promo is coming to both Europe and North America. My quote by Famitsu was meant as "not decided for Japan yet".

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remanutd552782d ago

he had to before the media started another attack lol

ddurand12782d ago

is this all games that have vita counterparts?

example: Madden?

Godchild10202782d ago

As of now I think it's just first party titles. It's up to third parties if they want to be in on this push.

I would loved for EA to get in board especially with NFS:MW coming later this year.

majiebeast2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Yoshida always fast to clear something up i thought it was pretty obvious with all the blogposts for pasbr,sly 4 and qforce though.

@God child

Ea is thinking about crossbuy with NFS:MW, if it will happen who knows i certainly hope so.

jonboi242782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I think for EA and third parties, maybe they can do something like a limited time Cross-Buy promotion would do. Like for example for the first week a game is released the Cross-Buy promotion is in effect. This will increase first days and probably pre-order sales. After seeing the initial week sales they can decide to continue it or not. Another option is they can have Cross-Buy limited to a number of units like a limited edition.

blitz06232782d ago

It's for games that are cross playable. Madden is not cross playable - it is just available on both PS3 and Vita (as is Mortal Kombat, UMvC3, etc.). Only PS All-Stars and a few first party titles (Sly 4, Ratchet and Clank FFA)are currently confirmed to be cross playable. These games are the ones included in cross buy.

PS-Analog2782d ago

I thought this was confirmed a long time ago. MotorStorm RC already had it and they also said back then that more title in the future will support it.

Sheikh Yerbouti2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I like jonboi's idea. Personally, I don't feel a promotion is needed outside bundling the two versions for a nominal discount. Tying it to pre-orders makes for a great value-add, much better than a plastic bat-a-rang and some post cards.

pixelsword2782d ago

What is "cross-buy"?

Do they mean if you get the PS3 version, you get the Vita for free?

mistajeff2781d ago


Buy the PS3 version, and you get a free download of the vita version. It's only for first-party titles, at least so far, and the only ones that they've officially announced it for thus far are PS All Stars, the new Ratchet, and Sly 4.

crawling1822781d ago

I really can't see many third parties getting behind this. For third parties I could instead see them release what might amount to 'Minis' on PSN, similar to an iPhone/Android app.

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SilentNegotiator2782d ago

I just hope that third parties realize that 99% of people aren't going to buy both versions of the game, so if they offer cross-buy, it will be icing on the cake and gained sales, not lost sales.

avengers19782782d ago

Truth; I'm not going to shell out 60 for the PS3 version and 40 to 50 for the Vita version, I would however get both for 70 to 80$ in a cross buy promotion... but 100+ dollars, no thanks... and I'm only doing double buy if the game is also cross-play

b_one2782d ago

Media nowdays are nothing more than a butthurted teenagers

FragGen2782d ago

Welcome to the new internet/blog-based "media".

b_one2782d ago

Kill it with negative voting ;)

DA_SHREDDER2782d ago

yeup, and while he did that, I just now regretted selling my PS Vita. <sob? nooooooooooo!

Spenok2782d ago

Why would you sell your Vita just before the holiday season? Not to mention before even really giving the Vita a proper chance to showcase itself and its games? Every system ever has had a slow start. Most people remember the PS3, but so did 3DS (and in my opinion it still has a lack of games... still love it though) as well as 360, and so on and so forth. My philosophy for a system is give it at LEAST a year to see what happens with it and what games are released before you make a definitive opinion on it.

But then again you look at systems like the PS3 and 2 1/2 years down the line they started release amazing games, and have kept up ever since.

But im just ranting now lol... >.>

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MySwordIsHeavenly2782d ago

That was probably the best comment I've read all year.

RandomDude6552782d ago

lol...i like the cut of your jib

josephps32782d ago

When I hear one day that you can now crossbuy and crossplay titles like Dishonered, Blackops2, Farcry3, Borderland2, Xcom etc all the AAA PS3 on the Vita, I'll buy it right away.

I wouldn't even mind paying $40 for the digital copy but hopefully they can bring it down to $20. I really don't think they will be able to give it out for free. I don't want a shitty watered down port. Give me a good vita port where everything is preserved. The only difference is I'm playing it on a smaller screen.

spektical2782d ago

wat are you saying? im confused...

they are giving away select vita games for ps3 counterparts for free. And SONY is talking to 3rd parties to get them to join in.

josephps32782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

That's what I read/heard. Select sony PS3 titles will be available for Vita download for free if you buy a PS3 copy and yes they're trying to get other publishers to jump onboard but I really doubt that business structure can succeed.

Even if they made the Vita so cheap and easy to port PS3 games it still cost money and time. I want as many 3rd party publishers to jump onboard. For that to happen you have to pay something. I'd be willing to pay $40 but I realize a lot of ppl would not. But maybe $20 is a sweet spot.

@ DivineAssault. Why can't you have both. Vita specific designed games but also all the PS3 ported titles available on the Vita.
I remember hearing it was Sony's goal to make the Vita capable of delivering console experience. Isn't that why they made all the PS3 control buttons mappable on the Vita?

I just hope its possible because if it is then all of a sudden the Vita in my opinion is a must have.

Soldierone2782d ago

Basically, a third party only cares about money. If they are handing out Vita titles for free, they are not making money off it, so they have two greedy options

1 Make an actual Vita game and put effort into it, but don't bundle it.

2 Make a piece of crap, call it a Vita game, and bundle it.

Joseph is saying don't take either option and just tack on 20 bucks "extra" so that way the greedy third party publisher is still making money, and see's it as worth the effort of putting an actual good Vita game with the ps3 version.

Sony has no issue with it because its their own games, they in return sell more Vita's and more copies of their own game. Third parties need a reason to bundle the game, otherwise why even bother making a Vita game? It isn't charity, and its quite obvious they only care about money at this point.

MrBeatdown2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I'd guess that for the most part, Vita and PS3 versions were always competing with each other to begin with. Those with a Vita and PS3 probably only buy one version, and those with only one system bought it for the platform they had. I can't imagine there being many people who bought two version of the same game, and if that's the case, it's not really a significant loss of profit. Instead of the one group buying the PS3 version, and the other group buying the Vita version, both groups get both versions. In the end, a publisher being able to say "we're giving you both versions for the price of one" makes for some great PR, it adds a whole new extra layer of value to their game, and is even more of a reason for people to buy new over used. In the end, I think publishers have more to gain from giving away the second version.

The only issue is managing DRM. How do you keep a guy from buying the PS3 version, cashing in the Vita version, then trading in the hard copy. I suppose they could stop selling online passes so cheap, to discourage used sales, or require some kind of sync with the hard copy to keep the digital version valid. My guess is that will be a greater issue than the cost of giving one version away.

DivineAssault 2782d ago

The vita is a handheld & a very powerful one at that but its no PS3.. Some games just arent possible in their full form.. I dont want ports from consoles either cuz i think originally created vita games are much more fun to play.. AC liberation is much more appealing as a spin off than a port of AC3

takohma2782d ago

While it isn't a PS3. GG was able to program the same engine for killzone on PS3 to the Vita. That makes me wonder what other engines can run on the Vita that also run on the PS3

DivineAssault 2782d ago

That wouldve been a stupid mistake for them had it not came to the US.. Japan should get it too cuz even though they dont like the same games we do, they will feel abandoned by them.. But hey, they got to transfer umds & the west didnt so now were even

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