2007 - Sony PS3 sells 8.83 million, XBOX 360 sells 7.3 million

Today sony released its Q3 figures showing sales of 4.90 million units worldwide.

The total for 2007 is now 8.83 million units, taken from official Sony numbers

Official Sony Source:

According to Gamespot, Microsoft's tally for 2007 was 7.3 million units.

Gamespot Source:

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TheExecutive4934d ago

although i would like to participate in this flame war I think I will just sit back relax and watch people copy and paste.

Have fun!

solar4934d ago

ill drink one for ya Ex :D oh, and my avatar has a flame resistant suit on, so im good :P

mazirjones4934d ago

you can change something aesthetically, but the original "core" always lingers on, an "undying shadow in a world of lights"->(anyone know where thats from??). Oh, and these are just general thoughts on life...nothing specific.

f7ss14934d ago

wow they really werent kidding when they said this section of the boards would be heavliy moderated

INehalemEXI4934d ago

Lol, Its like Hamburger hill up there.

-EvoAnubis-4934d ago

Wow . . . this is actually really impressive. With 2008 shaping up to be a hell of a year for the PS3, I can easily see them overtaking the 360 this year.

The_Engineer4933d ago

the massacre in that first post predicted by yours truly OVER a year ago.........xuknowho's are like children who wont listen so you have to let them learn on their own.

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Sangheili854934d ago

Sony had the advantage of multiple price drops and new SKU's and being the new console on the block. I'll give it that. I'm impressed considering 360 had Halo3 and others.

I'll wait for official numbers from Microsoft before i go congratulating Sony.

shotputking4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

i think it would be wise to wait for more reliable sources... this is using sony for thier numbers, and gamespot for the 360 numbers.

crck4934d ago

Gamespot just did the math. MS said they shipped 10.4 million units by the end of 2k6. They said recently they shipped 17.7 units from launch til the end of 2k7. 17.7 - 10.4 = 7.3. Its not that hard kids.

The_Engineer4933d ago

when will children learn??

corporations can't lie about numbers sold, they would get in major trouble and be prosecuted for fraud.

BISHOP-BRASIL4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

Better put your aluminized flameproof suit kids.

Anyway, is it fair to compare Sony official numbers and Gamespot numbers? Why not official SONY numbers VS official MS numbers? Or why don't get both from *Gamespot? Why don't get both by taking NPD (America) + GfK (Europe) + MediaCreate (Japan)?

I really don't give a crap who sold better, wii crucified both and we are going into a mini-games market... Weeeeee! ¬¬'

EDIT: Typo, where the '*' is, there was 'MS', but was intended to be 'Gamespot', my bad.