Darksiders II Review l Vortex Effect

The Vortex Effect: Darksiders II is a game with flaws, it’s obviously far from perfect. However, the game has a distinct charm to it and is ultimately way more fun than it ever is frustrating. It’s issues never amount to more than slight annoyances, although they are abundant enough to knock the game down from the superb status it was flirting with it. Overall, Darksiders II is a very easy game to fully recommend across all platforms, even though this seems a clear case where console is probably the better choice unless you have a gamepad. The game has some fantastic level designs and the dark and dreary atmosphere is full of bright colors that contribute to some great visuals.

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camel_toad2777d ago

Maybe it's because I'm only about half way through it and have yet to encounter a single bug but I really don't see how this has been getting all the sub-9 ratings.

I've loved every minute of it from story to gameplay to art design - and the loot system is great especially when you factor in the customizable possessed weapons.

Rainstorm812777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Im also loving the game it has much more depth than the first, to me its like cross between Legend of Zelda and Elder Scrolls....which has me totally hooked

But the funny thing is reviewers feel the need to complain about minor bugs in DS2 yet many of these same game sites rated Skyrim (one of the buggiest games of last year) to GotY status...i played through half the game with an arrow stuck in my face.....go figure

shammgod2777d ago

Well said and great observation. If you notice, almost all Bethesda games get this free pass. New Vegas was buggy to the point the end became unplayable and reviews were still favorable. Reviewers suck ass these days. They all have an agenda

Blastoise2777d ago

You had an arrow stuck in your face?
Atleast you had a face! Mine kept disappearing!

PS3gamer4life2777d ago

thats wat i said its a cross of zelda god of war and a mmo game style it should be online doing quests with friends