Aging Hardcore Gamers Haven't The Time To Be Hardcore

The sad truth is that many who used to call themselves "hardcore gamers" can no longer do so. And it's not because the love is's called life.

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user54670072790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Course we's just about carefully choosing your games. Pick the ones that are relevant to your tastes, the ones that won't waste you time (bad review scores) and manage to keep up on the games development to see if you really want it or not, basicaly keep up on the gaming news in genera; thanks to sites like this.

I mean when I was younger I would buy most games that would come out, new franchises and old but now...well it's basicaly like this

Lets say we had (as an example)

Gears of War 3
Uncharted 3
Sleeping Dogs
Saints row 3

...that all came out in a 4/5 month period. The younger me would probably buy all of them but since I've gotten older and theres more to do in my personal life I would just buy Gears 3, Uncharted 3 and Skyrim, big blockbuster games which I know will be worth my time because of my taste in those types of games, because of the good things I've heard about them and because I will get more out of them while playing.

The reason why I wouldn't pick the other three is because I know that Saints Row 3 and Sleeping Dogs will get DLC so I could easily hold them off and wait for the GOTY edition and for a game like Vanquish well it's a game which I can buy when I manage to get free time and I really need a game to play on luckily by then it will be cheaper to buy.

Hardcore Gamer Time Management

pixelsword2789d ago

Sure you can if you're

A. Self-employed and can make the time,

B. Self-disciplined and can pigeonhole the time,


C. Unemployed and have lots of time!

Hufandpuf2789d ago

as a kid, I would buy every cool new game that came out, but now that im in college and can't afford to spend money on such things, I just buy games I KNOW I'm going to enjoy. Not to say other games that aren't major releases are bad or not enjoyable, but I tend to play games with very high replay value because it's less distracting when I know that I have work to do instead of trying to beat as many games as I can.

NateCole2789d ago

So true. I hardly have time for gaming now :(

32 years old and i have been playing since the Atari days. Now work and family has basically taken over

skywarpgreer2789d ago

work life balance is needed to remain hardcore. i work late shifts at work 12-9 so i game till around 3/4am to get my hours in every day!!!

jc485732789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I know that day will come. I will just let my kids finish my backlog lol. As you get older, you really want to slim down your collection.

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