The Pains Of On-Disc DLC

On-disc DLC is quite the dirty word within the gaming community. That much is undeniable. As such, the new character DLC packs for Street Fighter X Tekken caused quite a bit of fuss when first announced, and even more so when it was finally released. The usual wave of discontent felt towards Downloadable Unlocks was enormous. And it was definitely not helped by Capcom’s reassurances.

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KMCROC542781d ago

Don't put it on Disc, don't announce it before game releases. release it month later as newly created mission w/ achievements & trophies. end of story cause you delivered said game everything else is extra & to prolong interest ,game-play in your franchise.

CraigUK2781d ago

Yeah its a real pain when my friend with a 256mb memorycard and no harddrive wants to play against me online on SFxT when I have the characters he doesn't.

Its a really pain that he doesnt have to pay for the characters or download a huge file to play against me all he needs to download is a tiny patch to unlock them for him and we can play all night.

He said he knows that they were timed vita exclsives and they were finished when the game was released but he should still have to pay for them and download a huge file which wouldn't fit on his memory card. I have to say I agree!

Grrr its really bad! makes my blood boil they should go to hell!!!

Hicken2781d ago

You know what's a real pain? When I buy a game at full price, and then the company that made it charges me more money to use more of what's on that disc I already bought.

No offense, but if all your friend has on his 360 is a 256mb card, he's being a cheapskate. Hard drives for the 360 are exceedingly inexpensive these days; For the price of that DLC that required NO DL, he could have gotten himself a 20GB hard drive.

Your attempt at sarcasm fails primarily because it's a stupid idea to pay for things you already bought. Maybe you're new to gaming, but in the old days, instead of charging you for these characters, you'd have to beat the game with certain characters to unlock certain others. Back then, it only cost you your time; you didn't have to shell out cash for something that was already in your possession.

Just imagine: you buy a car with air conditioning, but you have to pay the car company more money to "unlock" the a/c. It's literally already built into your vehicle and not an extraneous part that has to be added, but before you can use something that's part of your own possession, you have to pay more money.

Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense...

CraigUK2781d ago

You comparison is invalid.

Lets say you bought SFxT when it first came out and you didnt know the characters were on the disk, you were not purchasing the characters you didnt know they existed on the disk till someone got into the game and found them. In which case shut up and stop moaning because you have no right to claim you should have them as you didnt know they were there to begin with.

Lets say you bought the game knowing they were on the disk. Ohh man thats too bad you should have known they were there and you should know you wouldnt get them. You are not entitled to these characters for FREE just because they are on a disk you bought.

Lets put it this way.

I buy a car and it has AC but I dont know it has AC....Guess what? WHO CARES.

If a developer locks something away on a disk then you are not entitled to it. They can do whatever they heck they like. You know what you are paying for when you buy the game. People should just man up and stop complaining every time they feel cheated.

dennett3162781d ago

@CraigUK, so you're saying that everything's OK so long as they don't get caught?

Phew, I'm sure that's a weight off the minds of criminals all over the world. (and no, I'm not calling Capcom criminals, I'm being facetious).

They are sectioning off content that could easily be included in the game in order to sell it to people later on despite it already being on the discs they already own. That's like Blu Ray companies charging you in order to access the special features that are already on the disc...they are holding the content back when it's already developed and included. It's cynical, it's money-grubbing and I don't agree with it.

Doesn't mean it's not smart...not when you've got gamers tripping over themselves to defend getting charged full-price for a lesser product and then get charged more to bring it up to its full potential. Consumers need to be smarter and stop excusing getting charged more for less. Capcom get none of my money....I'll wait for Resi 6 to get half price, or better yet wait for the inevitable "Gold" edition with all the DLC they've already planned out included.

dennett3162781d ago

CraigUK, don't fall for their claptrap about making it more convenient for's utter rubbish to see if they can get away for charging for content which used to be unlockable extras.

If it's on the disc, it should be part of the game....the content was sent for certification at the same time as the other content on the disc or it couldn't appear on there. They're playing you for a fool and you're falling for it hook, line and sinker.

DLC as a concept is a neat idea - adding more content to a game after release, what's not to love? But publishers and developers have abused this idea to the point of absurdity. Their practices are disgusting - withholding content to sell etc. Stop defending them.

CraigUK2781d ago

It's their game, they can do whatever they like.

Everyone knew what they were getting when they bought the game, whether they knew it was there or not.

Just because its on the disk does not mean you are entitled to it. Simple as that.

CraigUK2781d ago

Notice all the disagree's I'm getting, they are from the self entitled scum who are ruining the game industry. Enjoy your new ME3 ending, not everyone will cave as easy.

dennett3162781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Yes, they can do whatever they like...doesn't mean that people should blindly accept it. They are perverting the entire concept of DLC in order to fleece gullible gamers down the line.

That they try to dress it up as anything other than blatant money-grabbing really annoys me. Say what you will about Bioware and their blatant talk of looking to exploit and monetize potential players and developing strategies to do so...but at least they've been up front about their blatant cynicism and not tried to dress it up as somehow "benefiting" gamers. They are sectioning off game content in order to charge more for it despite it already being on the disc, already going through certification, already being accounted for in the development budget, and, apart from 118kb's of data, already being part of the game they've just sold you.

*Edit...resorting to name-calling? The last desperate gasp of a person with no valid argument. People who have blindly accepted crap like Online Passes (why do gamers who buy used have to pay for a server spot? The original purchaser has no access to the game any more, so there's no extra load on the servers) and these DLC practices are making it worse for every gamer out there.
Now developers know they don't need to try as hard to make double the money they used to on games with LESS content than was squeezed into older games.
I also haven't played ANY Mass Effect game, and objected to a team being forced to change their artistic vision in ANY way...that's not even remotely the same issue, stop throwing out words you heard other people say and try forming your own arguments.

CraigUK2781d ago

Im sorry that you do not understand the concept of needing money to make more games. And money lost through preowned sales.

SkyGamer2781d ago

It is called business ethics. Imagine it this way, word gets out that you are "over charging" for a game. What happens? Well people won't buy the game. Your reputation goes down and people won't buy anything your company releases or worse, is hesitant about future purchases. Wouldn't it be more financially fit to sell more of a game at 60 than way fewer and a few at 5 or 10 here and there? Just sayin..
Also I agree with you on used sales. They should force gamestop to give the devs their rightful portion of used game sales. Unfortunately that means they would give less for trade ins to comp as they have been use to certain numbers. Also check on your receipts for them charging you "disc cleanup" fees.
I know it sucks but what they should do is drop the price of triple a games to 50 and non triple a to 40. Games are getting too expensive and with this economy, it doesn't help. Also companies need to realize that not all games are worth a triple a price tag. Then incorporate the anti-used game tech. Yes it sucks but what would suck more is if the talented game companies go out of business to due "use games" while gamestop sits on all the profits. I am all about supporting the devs.

GribbleGrunger2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I totally agree. This is such an obvious and cynical move, it makes me grind my teeth every time someone defends it.

I honestly think it's the disproportionate space on Blu-ray and DVD that started this whole trend. Content was cut from the Blu-ray version because they needed to get that game down to one or two DVD discs. Then that content was released as DLC and the devs waited in anticipation for the reaction... No reaction? oh well then, we'll start doing it with content ALREADY on the disc. BLING!

A thousand apologists later, here we are, talking about it as the norm. If nickel and diming is ever to be used in relation to anything console related, then here's the perfect example. It's there, on the disc, pressed, printed and ready to go. Any money needed to create that content has already been covered by the sale of that disc.

How far are we willing to let this go? a 4 hour game? 3 hour game? 2 hour game? Will people only complain when they get 1 hour games and then have to pay to unlock the next chapter. It's an exaggeration I know, but stop to think before it's too late.

Allsystemgamer2781d ago

So Craig.....what your saying is if you bought a movie. The full length feature but the ending wasn't there. It pops up at the end saying "want to see the end? Pay 12.99 right now to see the last 15 minutes!" is ok?

In most countries it is illegal to not allow a customer access to what they already paid for. There is something wrong with you if you think we feel entitled rather than angry we are not allowed access to something we already own.

Want this candy son? I know you bought it but you can't have it because this is my house. If you pay me $5 I'll gladly hand it over.

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Moby-Royale2781d ago

It's disc, spelled with a c and not a k brony.

jc485732781d ago

Capcom and people who support the company's business practice should be ashamed of themselves.

ToZanarkand862781d ago

T'is a dirty, dirty word.
Use of the word alone makes me scream like a little girl. WAAAAHHHHH!

Roper3162781d ago

Made me stop buying Capcom games altogether, haven't bought 1 since RE5. The only way I would ever play one of Capcom's half a games again is if it were free from PS+.

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