Should Sony Bundle PS Vita With PS3?

Hot of the announcement of the cross-buy feature Sony announced with PS3 and Vita, I began to wonder; is it time for Sony to start bundling PS Vita’s with their home console?

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Nitrowolf22789d ago

Oh def. they should.
If Sony can get the PS3 to $200 and the Vita to $200 (WiFi)$250 (3g) I see no reason for them to do a $350 -$400 bundle. It would be $50 cheaper to. This would really help Sony a lot, and this will really help Sony gear up against the WiiU.

Though I think $300 would be the sweet spot. Highly unlikely though, unless they can get a cheaper PS3 for say $150-$175 and a vita below $200

GribbleGrunger2789d ago

we're still waiting on details of the rumoured 16GB Ps3, so it's not entirely out of the question that a Vita/PS3 bundle could be the same price as a Wiiu.

Nimblest-Assassin2789d ago

I think the cross buy feature will sell some vitas. Think about it.. when people get those ps3 games, they are going to have vita games stacked up

So they will buy a vita to play all those free games they have

miyamoto2789d ago

The PS Vita should really riding on the popularity of the PS3 is not a bad idea.

Anon19742789d ago

If the price is right, this is a great idea. I recently acquired a Vita (even though I wasn't planning on it due to the price versus the amount of mobile gaming I do) and so far my PS3 and Vita just seem to go hand in hand.

mewhy322788d ago

Well there's no doubt that if Sony could get this down to $300 (sweet spot for pricing) that it would fly off shelves. However, I don't think that Sony can afford to start taking loses on those machine with the release of PS4 looming in the wings. I also don't believe that the Wii U will have too much of an impact on Sony's sales. Sony's audience is typically the older demographic and more hardcore gaming community while Nintendo caters more to casual gamers and younger demographic.

pixelsword2788d ago

Bundle it:

Vita ain't gonna get the advertising it deserves

A 2 for 1 bundle plus one game that can be played in both will educate people how to move a game and data from one to another.

You can split it between two children when one likes consoles and the other likes handhelds

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DA_SHREDDER2788d ago

$300 is the golden price for it. They would make up the loss from the sales of software, considering you're gonna get 2 games for the price of one. Sony's already allowing game sharing for their ps3 titles. So it's actually 3 games for the price of one. Sony pwn's everyone.

Nitrowolf22788d ago

"Sony's already allowing game sharing for their ps3 titles."
yeah for PS3 title, which you don't get for free if you buy the Vita version. Vita is nly one per account

Abdou232788d ago

They should just make it the controller for PS4

jc485732789d ago

actually, if they can come up with some special plan, I think people would seriously consider this when the price is right.

DEEBO2789d ago

Good idea,that's the way they are heading anyway why not. Vita looks well not look but has the same features as the gamepad but it will be better.

TronEOL2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Yeah, not only is it a normal Dualshock controller (helps a lot with Sony's "gamepad shape thing" add-on), but it also has a front and rear touch panel with a camera(essentially a mobile Eyetoy). These features could greatly extend the type of games the PS3 can play.

We'll be seeing how it works when the update for LBP2 comes out, since it's Playstation's first game to use the Vita as a gamepad.

amaguli2789d ago

That is an idea so crazy, that it would actually work. They already announced cross-buy and if they could nail down remote play, and some innovative cross-play ideas they have been talking about, that would be one of the greatest bundles ever.

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