Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review - FYC


Fall of Cybertron is a great title with alot of the same from the original but lacks a little “spark” the previous title “War for Cybertron” had so let’s transform and roll out as we take a look at the latest title in this highly anticipated sequel. As usual, we continue to stride to avoid as many spoilers as possible.

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skywarpgreer3864d ago

should be clear here that this reviewer is reviewing the singleplayer only. No mention of multiplayer or escalation mode at all. Poor review.

Baszs3864d ago

Bit lame that he played it on normal!
Bad review if you ask me! No details, not a word on multiplayer!

Moby-Royale3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

How is that lame?

Normal is how the game was designed to be played.

And how exactly was the reviewer supposed to review the *multiplayer?

Think son.

skywarpgreer3864d ago

Why release a review without multiplayer being reviewed? pointless.

kasasensei3864d ago

It's all the stupidity of those reviews. People want to be the first to review a game, even if they only review 60% of it and play it in casual difficulty setting (aka "normal") to complete it quicker...

Zha1tan3864d ago

You cant criticise a game for not being difficult enough if you play it on normal mode...

Thats like driving a ferrari at 30mph and complaining it cant go fast enough.

Captain Qwark 93864d ago

its actually a pretty solid review. the game sounds great and i can understand a reviewer playing on normal since that is what most peeps will do. that said, if he mentions its too easy and you know it has a hard mode then you know to immediately start it on that.

anyway, this is still my next game. as soon as i finish the perfection that is darksiders 2 ( okay maybe not perfect becuase it did start slow like the first one but damn is it getting insane )

Crazay3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

You see, a vast majority of people will only play this on normal, hence the reason it was only reviewed on the Normal difficulty. Without revealing too much, Megatron gets an upgrade(resulting in enhanced firepower), Bruticus is an absolute animal(his level was a breeze) and Grimlock isn't much different from Bruticus. Out of 13 chapters, that works out to about 1/3 of the game using over powered characters.

So yes if you want more of a challenge, please just jump right into the higher settings(in fact I probably will do it there for the 100pt achievement) but understand that a majority of people won't even bother. They'll play it then move on to multiplayer.

Cerberus293863d ago

I played through the first one on normal first to experience the story, then went through again to beat it on hard and get all the collectibles.

This review could have given it a 1/10 and I wouldn't care. I already know I'm getting this game. I've been playin the demo nonstop for two weeks and I loved the first one.

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