Why OnLive's collapse would hurt all gamers - even those who don't use it

Digitally Downloaded writes: "This is something that every gamer needs to be worried about, whether you use OnLive or not, because OnLive’s failure will cause some significant ripples through the industry. Given that the industry is already a shaky one in terms of profitability, this is going to bite deeply."

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napoleon10662781d ago

Disagree with this articles conclusions... they do not follow from the premise. Poorly run companies only weaken the industry. There are a lot of extremely capable companies running cloud based products (hello Apple), and the fact that one small one with very few customers goes belly up will do little damage to anyone else.

MattS2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

That's not how consumer sentiment works. You have a few hundred thousand people suddenly lose access to their games and regardless of whether OnLive was well-run or not, people are going to be more cautious with other Cloud services in the future.

(well said, BTW. I'm not arguing with you for the sake of arguing, but this is an interesting debate to be had :) )

napoleon10662781d ago

But that's just it... they didn't have any customers. 1,600 concurrent users isn't much of a base. Hardly anyone used the service... they had 2 million people sign up, but #1, that's a tiny install base, and #2, the vast majority of those signups were free accounts that never bought anything. I don't think this is an indictment of cloud gaming so much as an indictment of launching with insufficient marketing, a weak lineup of titles that core gamers already owned, and a really poor definition of what their market was.

killerhog2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Well that's if you're an idiot uninform consumer who didn't know (or didn't bother doing research) that you were purchasing a license and not really owning the game. Onlive had no hard drive, and it always had to be online, they also specifically mentioned license etc.. You had to have known that if the service goes down you won't have access to the games you bought a license to use. If anything, this might be an indication that streaming or cloud gaming is not the future, as people complained about lag, poor quality, ridiculous Internet requirements, bandwidth caps etc.. Also add in the not really owning the game. Sorry, I want to own my product physically or at least be able to use it well after the service goes down. If Sony doesnt follow the latter, I wont be using their cloud service. I learned the hard way, the pain in the arse buying license games can be. I stay away from games that have a license agreement on the AppStore.

Soldierone2781d ago

Being real....there won't be anywhere close to 100k people angry about "losing" their onlive games.

If there is, its simply people trying to get attention or making their free/99 cent game worth more than it is. You didn't own the game to begin with, so that fuss would have happened even if the service stays.

IF they had 100k strong customers buying games, they would be fine. They wouldn't be strong or huge, but easily breaking even.

Bigpappy2781d ago

I will do nothing to gamers who did not buy into the service. People will just go back to consoles or PC's the way they did before On-live. It is not like the service was ever a big hit.

timothylittle2781d ago

What did gamers do before OnLive?

Nexgensensation2781d ago

with EA up for sale and the 3 main consoles giving little competition to one another, I think we gamers are on track for a super console.

Hicken2781d ago

"3 main consoles giving little competition to one another"

I'd like you to explain this, but I'm 100% certain you can't.

You're still welcome to try though. Should be amusing, at least.

Nexgensensation2780d ago

The 360 is on top with the online interactivity with xbl while, sony gives little competition with psn, and little to the psn the wii.

However the ps3 is on top with pumping out more blockbuster franchises. second to that the 360 which give little competition in this category.

Last the wii outsells both consoles while the 360 gives little competition in this category.

All 3 consoles have a stronghold on the market weather if its online interactivity or franchise games, or outselling the competition.

turnerdc2781d ago

I like OnLive. Playtime shows around 550 hours of game time. Great service and I hope it pulls through!

tachy0n2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

me too i hope they recover, i find it nice to be able to play full games on laptops with sh!tty Intel HD graphics, phones and tablets!

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The story is too old to be commented.