The Gaming Vault Review: Hard Reset PC

There was a time when shooters didn’t require the pomp and circumstance of drawn out cutscenes, or Michael Bay inspired set pieces. Heck, there was even a time when shooters weren’t afraid to embrace fiction outside that of which we see on our news channels.

Hard Reset aims to take us back to that bygone era; where shooters were shooters and not just games of spectacle 3D Whack-A-Mole. Echoing the design choices of the FPS genre from ten or more years ago, its unabashedly an arcade style FPS that doesn’t have big set pieces, long rambling cutscenes or pithy QTE sequences to pull you out of the action. No, success in Hard Reset is directly correlated to your skills at twitch based first person shooters and reminds you just how damn refreshing it is to not have control wrested away from you.

Still, despite its earnest attempt at streamlining the shooter as we know it back to something a little more frenetic and no-frills, the game regresses much too far; stripping out key feat...

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Sidology2786d ago

bummer. could've been good.