OnLive and the Future of Cloud Gaming - OnLive, the game streaming service that was poised to usher in a whole new era of interactive entertainment, is in serious trouble. Two days ago, rumours began that stated the service may be shutting down. Shortly afterwards, reports started surfacing that confirmed its entire work force was being laid off at the end of the day. Rather than close entirely though, it seems that ownership of the company has passed into new hands and, at least for now, service will continue as normal. So what happened?

OnLive seemed like a miracle of the technological age when it was announced in 2009. Promising to deliver high quality, HD games to low-powered computers and set-top boxes, it gained much interest and plenty of criticism. Some said that our current infrastructure was too slow and unreliable to support real-time video game streaming without serious latency. While some still say this is true, many people were surprised and delighted to try the service for the first time and find out it actually worked.

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ExPresident2789d ago

I'm not really surprised at this. It was an extremely ambitious idea that cost them a fortune to complete. While it was a great idea it shafted consumers purchasing "licenses" to games that they wouldn't own, yet were paying almost full price for.

Steam does it right as far as digital content goes and I'm a PS3 user. Sorry for the people who lost their jobs but they took a job with a business that was making a very risky move and unfortunately it didn't pay off.

DeadlyFire2788d ago

Too early. 100 mbps will be ready for most world consumers by 2020. That is when something like OnLive can exist fluidly with lots of revenue. Sadly they released about 10 years to early.

I believe this is the reason why Otoy stays silent. They know bandwidth isn't ready just yet. They want their platform to give you even better graphics to play with then current or next gen console can output.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2789d ago

They are still in business though. Another company bought them.

hazelamy2789d ago

yeah losing half the staff, and no doubt nearly all the customer confidence in the service.
and for a service like onlive where they're selling people content they can only use if the company continues operating, that could be what finally kills them off.

i mean, who's gonna buy from a service that could go out of business at any moment and take all your purchases with it?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

well being on onlive it seem few people know of this since there service never stopped. I am not buying anymore then. I will just go without video games for some months till I get on my feet.