Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Review ( - It feels like Team Fortress 2 has been around forever. I can remember first playing it on the Xbox 360 over 4 years ago and I continued to play it on PC until late 2011. Eventually I became exhausted by how radically different it had become in that time, but I acknowledge that the constant updates and additions are ultimately responsible for its longevity. Well, it’s that time again, and unlike many previous updates that only added new weapons or maps, Mann Vs Machine promises something completely new for TF2.

For those of you that don’t know, MvM is a new co-operative mode where you and your team must stop wave after wave of robotic mercenaries from carrying a bomb to a hole at the end of the map. Lose and the wave resets. The match grows steadily more challenging, with later waves consisting of a combination of huge groups of smaller enemies, incredibly durable giant mercenaries and specialist robots like the spy, sniper and the all-new sentry buster. Particularly tough waves also include the Tank, a massive, heavily armoured behemoth that trundles slowly towards the hole with a bomb of its own.

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