Social Gaming and its Implications on the Industry

What is social gaming exactly? It is exactly that: social gaming. It is an activity that, more often than not, involves hardcore gamers and casual alike partaking in what many may call online multiplayer and/or co-op gameplay. It is a symptom of our society’s incredible emphasis on Internet usage and the like; however, it has made for an incredible array of titles to find their way into millions of homes worldwide.

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Fateful_Knight2779d ago

I live with a heavy social gamer, and i can attest that they have a completely different mindset than us. They play games because someone on their friends list has challenged them through whatever game is popular that day. It then becomes their mission to try and one-up them on the score leaderboard. Kind of sounds like COD MP, but it feels different. They don't care about developers, graphics, performance, framerates, etc. It's all about beating their friends. Of course i'm referring to Facebook. It's kind of like an outlet for people who want to play games, but don't want to be gamers.