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Superman is the OG superhero, the godfather of comics and daddy of DC. After Rocksteady’s incredible Batman; Arkham City, the logical step for a superhero game seems to be his greatest rival, Mr Clark Kent. However, whilst Superman may be perfect comic book material with his patriotic persona and all round perfection, he doesn’t sit in well with the gaming universe. Simply put, he is too good for gaming.

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rpd1232780d ago

You seem to be fixated on him being too powerful. An easy way to fix that is to start him off at his Golden Age power level. He could run fast, jump high, and was stronger than your average human. The most he could lift was a car. He could be hurt by men with guns or bludgeoned. Then he could gradually work his way up to his modern day powers with a upgrade tree type leveling system.

Also, all of his enemies pose a threat in some way. They could just work through his rogues gallery Arkham City style.

I agree with setting though. Metropolis is pretty generic and other than the Daily Planet and Luthorcorp, there wouldn't be anything to see.

WeskerChildReborned2780d ago

Or just not to build him up as an overpowered character like maybe including Doomsday into it since Doomsday was one of his toughest opponents.

rpd1232780d ago

Yeah that'd work too. Really all of his rogues have something against him and it's not always about brute strength.

I'd like to see a Death of Superman video game. Or have it be a DLC story or something. That'd be awesome. You'd get the full Superman experience in the main game and then in the DLC you could play as all the characters in a Reign of the Supermen and then Return of Superman.

Snakefist302780d ago

There are much more powerful and better enemies than doomsday like darkseid,Maxima,Suberboy-prime ,Mandrakk,Cyborg Superman,Bizzarro,Parasite,Kry ptonite man and many more!!!

inveni02780d ago

The brilliance of Superman is that he doesn't defeat his enemies using brute strength. He defeats them using his smarts. (At least this was always my favorite part of the classic movies.) So there are lots of ways to make his super abilities less of an issue.

But I do like the idea of a leveling system. That could be pretty sweet. Really, though, I think his biggest problem is flight and super speed. Those are two pretty tough things to pull off in a game. Controlling a character at Mach 3 could be rough. Maybe Rocksteady will take it on, though. Especially since Man of Steel is coming out in 2013. If it's popular, they could really capitalize on a reinvigoration of Superman with the general public.

Corepred42780d ago

Build him up?? What the...!?! It's Superman, he has God mode on automatically. I know what you're saying but no, that's lame.

rpd1232780d ago

That's how Superman actually developed in the comics. He had barely any of the powers he has today in 1938. He was more powerful than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, and could leap tall buildings in a single bound, that's it.

SilentNegotiator2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

First of all Metropolis might be standard stuff, but that never stopped Superman from having interesting stories before. Besides, he travels all over the universe in many of his adventures. You could have an open world Metropolis AND have transitions to other places.

Second, you don't have to gimp Superman to his olden days. He has a lot powerful enemies. Borrowing a list already posted: doomsday, darkseid, Maxima, Mandrakk, Cyborg Superman, Bizzarro, Parasite, Kryptoniteman. And besides that fact, a lot of what he does revolves around protecting people and taking the hard route to do things right.

So bite your tongue, author. Off! (JK, I'm not that petty) Playing an exceptional Superman game is on my bucket list. Top 10.

Seriously, though, these are pretty much the same sort of uneducated criticisms that people lay on Superman's existence as a superhero. Superman isn't completely immortal at all. And you're thinking WAY too basic of gaming mechanics on this one.

ProjectDeputy2780d ago

too powerful ?

dude...i just need silver surfer or phoenix to pwn his @ss.

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rhap2780d ago

Or maybe create a good game where you could space travel and Earth was nothing but a nuisance to you, with Dragon Ball style fights around the sun and stuff like that.

I'm pretty sure we are having an attempt at a decent Superman game if Zack Snyder's Superman becomes sucess.

DarkBlood2780d ago

its not the game we deserve but the game we need :P

youndamie2780d ago

Why Batman deserves his own game "Because I'm Batman!"

Moby-Royale2780d ago

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.


youndamie2780d ago

LOL @Moby-Royale come on some had to say it.

Moby-Royale2780d ago

Lol you're right about that!

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2780d ago

No, I think we deserve it too :b. The wait for a great Superman game has been long, Superman is probably one of the most well recognised superheroes ever created. Batman finally got his game with the Arkham series. I think Superman is more than deserving of his own game. Even if working around his invincibility would prove a challenge.

He didn't look too invincibile in the Dc universe online trailer. I'm sure they can work something out.

SavageFlamingo2780d ago

Or...Kryptonite infused with the air from an accident. Or in the water. It could make him weaker to the point of being slightly vulnerable.

Romudeth2780d ago

Superman is my favorite super-hero but yeah, it seems almost impossible to make a really good game with him.

It's a catch 22 situation. Make him as powerful as he is in the comics and the game will be insanely easy. De-power him and you'll have angry fans screaming that he is weak. It's a no win situation.

I hope that someone can come up with clever way of making a great Superman game one day.

dragonyght2780d ago

Tru maybe in 10 15 or 20 years they will be a hardware powerful enough to make a Superman game lol

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