How Games Affect the Mind

"When gaming appears in mass media, it’s usually as the scapegoat for some kind of crime committed by a ‘gaming addict.’ With a modern eye, we can see that some of the accusations are complete rubbish—and often leave out the positive effects of gaming." |

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HiddenMission2789d ago

I think games are the best form of education

Protagonist2789d ago

Esoecially if one plays Persona 3: Portable ;o)...

FCOLitsjustagame2789d ago

If you want a more detailed understanding of some rules or "plays" in sports then you can actually learn a lot from video games. Of course they wont make you play the game better in real life, just understand the game a little better.

I doubt it helps at all with driving or other types of games. However, if you created games specifially to teach something I bet it would work better than reading a text book.

timothylittle2789d ago

Plus, games teach enormous strategy and concentration.

srcBFMVBMTH2789d ago

Agreed, better than any Math class IMO. Lol

Fateful_Knight2789d ago

Games are also good for kids with ADD and other attention issues. It promotes focus, concentration, task analysis, and problem solving. IMO, great for the mind.