Sleeping Dogs Review: "Expertly Produced" [NoobFeed]

Daav from goes down into the world of the Hong Kong triad gangs. Sleeping Dogs is an amazing title that brings morality to open world games like no other. A great atmosphere, engaging characters and tons of well-made and varied content make up in spades what the poor driving lacks. Sleeping Dogs is good: very good.

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Lol_Lmao3078d ago

Gotta be shitting me. The driving is arcady but good. Not like GTA4's shit driving mechanics.

NeoTribe3077d ago

Are u retarted? Gta4 has realistic amazing driving. Along with fantastic damage. Saints row and sleeping dogs does nothing for the driving genre. Arcade driving is lame and lazy. You trolls want a game to beat gta4 so bad that your willing to bluntly lie to try and persuay people. Funny thing is gta4 is old as dirt and still has better graphics and appeal. You'll be the first one in line for gta5.

3077d ago