Rockstar confident GTA 5 will only inspire 19% of players to commit murder

With just months to go until the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar has assured critics that it only expects 19% of players to commit real-life atrocities after playing through the violent campaign.

Whilst previous installments in the controversial series have been responsible for numerous high-profile massacres, Rockstar is confident that the vast majority of GTA 5 players will only experience mild feelings of murderous rage, with exposure to the game generally resulting in petty hooliganism as opposed to cold-blooded murder.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2783d ago

Just so everyone knows.

The story was written as satire. It is intended to be FUNNY.

Pretty good job of it, too.

Irishguy952783d ago

Yeah I was thinking it was too unbelievable not to be

BiggCMan2782d ago

I think the most odd thing about the article is this

"With just months to go until the release of Grand Theft Auto 5"

Where is that coming from? GTA5 has not had any information revealed at all since last November, nearly a year now. I doubt it will be out in "just a few months" when there has only been a single teaser trailer for it. They aren't just gonna release one day in secret without letting the world know it's coming.

Peppino72782d ago

As long as Rockstar was aiming for a 100% rate... then its ok.

PoSTedUP2782d ago

i wish they were making it badass like all the other gta's, not funny and junk. im sure its gonna be cool tho.

Getowned2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

"The story was written as satire. It is intended to be FUNNY."

It may have been intending to but funny but it wasn't at all funny. I hate satires -_- this is vary un-frontpage worthy,

damn opinion piece category and your useless flame bait and satire articles. if I wanted your opinion I'd have asked for it! -drop kicks opinion category-

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ATi_Elite2782d ago

Been playing video games since Pong and not one Got Dam video game has ever inspired me to commit murder, pretty sad huh?

I'm gonna buy 3 copies of GTAV from 3 different stores just to make sure I'm not getting one void of "Murder Inspiration"!!


Spinal2782d ago

Yo unrelated. I just see ur avatar u gonna be playin GW2 this sat at launch? Friendlist me. U gonna play Desolation server? Eu or u playin on US?

ThanatosDMC2782d ago

Dont forget to steal your copy of GTA5 while you're at it.

wsoutlaw872782d ago

Lol ya i havent been forced into killing someone by a game yet either. It makes me wonder what im doing wrong. Whats the point of even buying them anymore. GTAV is my last hope

Kin23g2781d ago

I bet the 7th season of Dexter is gonna be much more inspiring.

Darth_Bane792781d ago

That's what I thought when I read the titlle. About to read the article, lol

extermin8or2781d ago

I saw the title and just laughed lol

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user54670072783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

They should have this on the back of the box :)

"Warning 19% of players will commit a violent murder based on the events played out to you over the course of the game"

"If you are one of the 19% of players us at Rockstar would just like to wish you all the best while you spend the rest of your life in jail"

FinaLXiii2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Those 19% probably will pirate the game.

StayStatic2782d ago

Shame , was hoping I would have a better chance of murdering some locals who piss me off.

Kran2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )


I know they're just kidding around and everything, but thats quite a sick thing to actually say :/ Considering it has actually happened before (a game influencing someone to kill)

And here I was thinking the games industry was trying its hardest to keep out of bad press.

@StayStatic YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. A game has influenced a person to kill. INFLUENCED. By a person, I mean kids. I'm not saying all games do. 99% of gamers wont kill. But its happened. Sheesh.

StayStatic2782d ago

Games don't kill people , people kill people.

gonepostal2782d ago

Guns dont kill people rappers do.

DreamTension2782d ago

Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people.

GUNS N SWORDS2782d ago

Bullets don't kill people, gun poweder dose. have you ever tried to throw a bullet at someone?

Lord_Sloth2782d ago

^ It's the Firing Pin's fault. Every tried to fire a gun without a firing pin?

MRMagoo1232782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

its the peoples fault, ever tried firing a gun before they were invented?

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CyrusNightshade2782d ago

It has never happened, even if someone came out and said "I killed these people cuz I learned it from COD" It was still the persons F'ed mind that made them do it.

The game could have been the "push" but it was going to happen one way or another.

Kran2782d ago

I smoked a cigarette because I wanted to be like the Mask when I was 6.

I was INFLUENCED by the film. True story.

AtomicGerbil2782d ago

So which irresponsible cretin gave you that cigarette?

Relientk772782d ago

I saw the Mask when I was a kid, and I didn't touch a cigarette. I am in control of what I do, not games or movies

Fez2782d ago

You're delusional if you think your cultural surroundings don't influence your thoughts and actions. The next time you whistle the end of a companies jingle take a moment to think what else is planted into your mind by outside influences...

awi59512782d ago

Yeah fire a real assault rifle its way diffrent from COD or Battlefield. If you cant tell reality from a video game there is no help for you in the first place. You might as well go ontop of a building and try to fly you will be doing us all a favor.

GiggMan2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

@Kran... It's a big difference between smoking a cigarette and smoking your next door neighbor... lol

Fez2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I would wager that most of the disagree-ers in this discussion would have no problem proclaiming that video games have positively influenced people in some way? Maybe flower has influenced people to care more about the environment for example.

I would also wager that the majority of the disagree-ers in this discussion used to play wrestling after watching the WWF? We broke a bed when we were younger doing that lol.
Me and my bro used to jokingly put each other in choke holds like Snake. It wasn't a coincidence.

Obviously adults are less susceptible to this kind of influence but saying games don't influence people in some way is to be in complete denial. Also, if games can't influence people negatively you also have to be consistent and admit that games have never influenced anyone to do good. Which I would argue games and entertainment have.

I'm not arguing that video games can cause people to kill because that is unlikely to be true but I hope everyone would agree that they are not immune to outside influences?

linkratos2782d ago

"The game could have been the 'push' but it was going to happen one way or another."

Isn't that 'push' the influence? I agree a game has never killed a person, but there are tons of cultural influences in the world, I'm sure games aren't any less influential than others.

Fez2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Just remembered about the CSI effect...
This is people making big life decisions influenced by the profession's portrayal in a tv show...
And that is a conscious decision from educated people. How does entertainment influence more easily susceptible people at a subconscious level?

What do people think about this and how entertainment can influence people?

GamerToons2782d ago

Ya hear that? Some kid watched the Mask and wanted to kill himself and took up smoking.

CyrusNightshade2782d ago

"Isn't that 'push' the influence?"

No, an Influence is something that makes you want to act in a certain way. The 'push' is just their excuse.

It was always going to happen be it playing a video game, watchin a movie, their dog died, stepped in gum...

MRMagoo1232782d ago

Its ppl trying to have an excuse for there actions instead of taking responsibility for them. Thats all it is and nothing more

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AtomicGerbil2782d ago

Oh dear, you do realise that anybody who is mentally ill enough to go on a murderous rampage would have done it regardless? Stubbing their toe, being dumped by their love interest, missing the bus by seconds, being cut up in traffic or having a bad hair day could trigger it.

The bad press for the gaming industry is caused by the sensationalist press and wishy washy liberals with nothing better to do than blame things for society's ills rather than blaming the attitude and parenting skills of that society.

On topic....Nice way to stick it to the irresponsible press.

-Gespenst-2782d ago

It's not that simple, you're being naive and strangely fatalistic. People aren't necessarily born killers. Circumstances of birth are obviously operative for some, but for others they can just change over time, have certain ideas sediment into their world views. Everything influences this, from life experiences to how your relate to and are positioned within you culture and your society, and even to how the media and other people have shaped your opinions and understanding of the world. It's just not a case of oh he did this plus this which equals he must be a murderer derp.

Humanity is a highly complex thing and talking in terms of a = b just doesn't cut it. Everybody's life is different in infinitesimally subtle ways.

A game alone doesn't make a person kill, but it can work with everything else about them as a person living in the world to produce such action. As games come closer to ubiquity in our culture and society, the more they have the power to shape peoples understandings. When something is ubiquitous in society, people begin to assume that it's correct, that it's always been there, and that's when it truly begins to shape us on a large scale. Games need to wise up before they acquire such generative power. I mean some of the comments on here make me think it's already too late.

AtomicGerbil2782d ago

I was merely making a long story short, and pointing out that a game cannot make somebody go out and commit murder.

Take Anders Breivik for example, apparently he used Call of Duty for training purposes, but the media twisted this around and blamed the video game industry for what he did. It soon came to light that he had been planning the atrocity for ten years, and was all down to some political ideals he'd latched onto. Further to this he had to take drugs to suppress his emotions at the time of killing. Kind of throws the violent gaming argument out the window.

If violent gaming, movies or comic books (these have been blamed before) are as much a catalyst as the media makes out then the world would be a far more grim and dangerous place.

Grap2782d ago

a game making someone to kill??????? you mean the maniac who played so much Guitar hero and decided to buy a gun not a Guitar and play with it in front a theater. just wow go to your basement bic boy

Dfooster2782d ago

Maybe it was seeIng war on the news every night that made that person flip. Maybe it was a violent movie or rap music? Maybe it was the ease of getting hold of a gun in America?

Who knows, games are an easy target because people who don't play games think it is a child's hobby still and they see the violence in clips of games like call of duty etc.

Only the uneducated still spout out nonesense like he had a copy of GTA IV at home so it was the game that made him shoot those people.

It's more likely the persons background, upbringing, who they hang around with and general mental stability that causes them to commit these crimes not a form of entertainment.

Danniel12782d ago

ahhhh mate come on, R* are making a satirical statement purely because there is nothing more than sensationalist media to back up the claim that video games make a person commit murder.

Also guns don't kill people. It's just crime.

ArtificiallyYours2782d ago

Games don't kill people, stupid kills people.

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