Remember Me: What We Want To See

CVG- Gaming circles far and wide are abuzz with fervent discussions of Remember Me. Capcom stole the show when it dropped DONTNOD Entertainment's cyberpunk action game on the sequel worn crowd of Gamescom attendees, but the all-too-brief trailer provided little insight into gameplay substance, and the admittedly awesome Remember Me gameplay video that followed left us with more burning questions than answers.

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2778d ago
krautgamer2778d ago

Sorry but i forgot to remember you what you wanted to see

Roper3162777d ago

Scamcom = No buy for me, how much content will be locked in this game Capcom?

chaos_mechanica2777d ago

You have the name of the company correct here, but the article is peppered with "DONTNOT" as their name on at least two of the pages. Please correct. This company is trying hard to make it and they don't need what should be respectable journalists screwing up their name.