Star Beast is coming to Wii U

New indie space shooter is coming to the Wii U, 3DS, PC, and mobile phones.

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Qrphe2778d ago

It certainly looks ambitious, hopefully they're able to deliver in quality (even if it means delaying it).

INehalemEXI2778d ago

If its like star fox im sold

BattleAxe2778d ago

Anything that comes to the WiiU is a cause for celebration, since the launch lineup looks so dry.

Salamander2778d ago

Breakout the Champaign! Woopwoop!

AO1JMM2778d ago

Compared to what other console launch lineup?

Xof2778d ago

Certainly not the PS3, Vita or 3DS. All of those had absolutely awful launch line-ups, and fairly awful first years. Hell, it took the PS3 about 3 years to rack up a decent library.

AWBrawler2777d ago

so does this count as a Nintendo