Toki Tori Review - Cubed3

"Here is a game that sort of took everyone by surprise when it saw release on WiiWare a few years back, being even a launch title for the service in Europe. Cubed3 remembers it fondly for being one of the most charming games available on Wii at the time. However, the gaming audience was perhaps unaware that Toki Tori was actually a much older title, tracing its first release back to the Game Boy Color, very late into the life of the system, at a time when the Game Boy Advance had already been available around the world for quite a few months. Perhaps this was the reason why, at that time, it didn't get quite the level of fandom that the little chick is enjoying nowadays, being currently available on a wide array of services and machines, including the Wii, PC and Smartphones. Finally, the original title, on which every current version is based, is given a new chance to shine on the 3DS Virtual Console service and Cubed3 seizes the occasion to take a good look at how the concept was already shaping up, back in 2001.", writes Cubed3.

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