Resident Evil 6 Gamescom Footage

HiddenMission writes: Gamescom has brought us some really cool stuff but one I'm really proud of is all of the footage that shows how far the Resident Evil franchise has come. With all of the amazing new game play mechanics, co-op, competitive and now a Resident Evil Net to track and reward players for all of their time spent in RE6 truly makes me happy to be a fan of such a stellar series that has given me hours of thrills.

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GammaSix2788d ago

i dont care who doesnt agree with me 1

Rhezin2788d ago

why are the zombies doing karate moves.. WTF

ugh. I still MIGHT get it because of the splitscreen co-op.

GiantFriendlyCrab2788d ago

smart zombies, half dead mode, lol

DarkBlood2788d ago

i dont think those ones are zombies but the C virus infectees

but yeah i thought that ship level was from resident evil revelation till i saw jetplanes or whatever they call them

now thats alot of bullets flying, my approach would probably to shoot them in the head with a handgun then melee attack like i do in re5 effective way to rank up the combo

however i got the slight feeling it wont be exactly the same to do in here in terms of effectiveness

spektical2788d ago

boy has resident evil fallen way off the survival horror that made this game fantastic.. Now the only thing close to that gritty atmosphere is silent hill (games meh to above average) and dead space (ur a tank).

very disappointing to see publishers cave to COD.

pandehz2788d ago

Lmfao did anyone else laugh through this?

The enemy screaming sounds like street fighter

NobodyImportant2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Still not sorted different hit zones on the enemy, Capcom?
@ 1.32 in the video when the infected / half-zombie / "whatever it is supposed to be" gets shot in the leg by Leon... and then just falls over.
That looks bloody awful.

For a game that bases itself on shooting zombies, its not very satisfying shooting them when the animation system is so terrible.

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