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Devil May Cry is franchise that has paved the road for top tier Hack N' Slash game play. With upcoming release of the series reboot, retailing, prequel or whatever it is many longtime fans have become concerned and even let down by the face lift that Ninja Theory has done but I'm here to say don't worry it's all good. If you take the title for all it has to offer and try to look past the series roots you will see that Ninja Theory with strict supervision from Capcom has created an entry that could in all likelihood surpass all the past titles. Check these vids out and make up your own mind since there is more than enough content here to get you Caught Up.

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supersonicjerry2786d ago

This game is going to be sick!

Kevin ButIer2786d ago

I love the franchise but this reboot is a shame... WTF with the new Vergil... and fans thought that Dante's new look was bad... this just gets worse

supersonicjerry2786d ago

Get over the way they look already they changed it end of story. The gameplay looks good and fun that is what matters. If everybody doesn't like the new look oh well don't get it but i'm sure they will change it back when and if ninja theory gets to make another devil may cry. Seeing how nobody likes it. I honestly don't care just want to play the story and have fun and that is that man. This generation of gamers complain to much about things that change but always say they want change but when it happens all hell breaks loose.

NickTheHitman2786d ago

@supersonicjerry Sure the gameplay looks fun but its not Devil May Cry. Thats what we're all upset about.

OmegaSlayer2786d ago

Hey, this is Capcom guys.
They will sell the game for 60 $, and day one you'll have a Premium DLC to have the old skins for Dante and Vergil at like 5-10 $, thus making more money.
Don't expect the game to be stuffed with bonus content like Bayonetta was.

The game is surely getting better, but the guns still seem quite useless.
And the gloves seems to be made out of clay, not stylish enough.
The game lacks the badassness of a real Dante, but it's not THAT bad.

Too bad because what could have been a great game with just the right character design, is bashed a lot.

wishingW3L2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

a 30 frames hack and slash will not be that different from other mediocre hack and slash battle systems like Genji or Enslaved. If the reboot turns out good it'll sure not be because of the battle system just like with the God of War series. And don't get me wrong, GOW is an amazing franchise but not thanks to its battle system and this DMC reboot will be the same.

What drew me to the DMC series more than GOW or any other hack and slash game was its battle system not the story, platforming or whatever else NT is tying to achieve with this reboot. At 30 frames stuff like frame-canceling and original combos will not work and if that were possible fighting games like MVC3 or SFVI wouldn't strive for 60 frames.

Sevir2786d ago

And the re-releases on PS3 have all been 60fps games...

And people talk about 60fps like that matters to game play! Look at Ninja Gaiden 3... that was a POS according to many and it ran at 60fps... That arguement means shit! Its all about responsiveness and execution and as far as gameplay looks it looks everything as bit as stylish and balls to walls frantic like all the past DMC games, I honestly wish the cry babies would just SHUT UP> YOU all dont like the game, GREAT, Stay out of the article and dont buy the game Capcom isn't forcing you to buy the product you have the choice... You guys have been bitching since TGS 2010 and The game has Come along way and you all are still BITCHING.

Seriously get over it! It will change nothing!
If you're going to judge the game on trailers you've all done that for the past 2 years and it'll be 3 years when this game launches. Just stay away from it if burns you that much.

Kids are some of the worst, I freakin swear.

THIS isn't your DMC of 2000, its a Re-imagining, a REBOOT, a rebuild. So the only things canon to this is the name, and the characters everything has been thrown out and ITS OK.. That's why its called a reboot/re-imagining.

LackTrue4K2786d ago

this just in.....if you want the old Dante, hes going to be 9.99 DLC day won!

LackTrue4K2786d ago

lol....ya! i ment to say "day one" :)

GUNS N SWORDS2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

He looks decent to me.

Hey did anakin skywalker look anywhere near as what he later became to be?

All big people go through humble or award beginnings.

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LordHiggens2786d ago ShowReplies(2)
SPARDA_4262786d ago

the only thing hurting this game is the 30fps and that they are using angel and demon trigger instead of the style system.

Baka-akaB2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

It can pretend all it wants to be the same and as deep , it is not and wont play as well .

I don't want to play an action game with mindless aerials for 5 minutes with no difficulty curve and unbelievably silly gravity , especially while baffoons try telling you "see it's the same gameplay ! It's as deep and combo heavy !" . Nuh Uh .

But enjoy the video guys , i'll just go back to a seemingly better looking and feeling Darksiders 2 gameplay while waiting for MG rising .

2786d ago
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