Source: Sony Mulling Over PS3 SKU Strategy

What's next for the PS3? What SKU will replace the 80GB model? Apparently Sony hasn't figured it out yet either, but execs are currently meeting in Japan to discuss strategy.

"There are a lot of different strategies under consideration, but nothing is final yet. They are considering ways to put some relevant distance between the two PS3 SKUs, but it's unclear how that will roll out," a source close to Sony told GameDaily BIZ.

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Ducati4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

At the end of the day it's good for the consumer, hopefully they'll put back the "backward compatibility" software as alot of current Playstation owners have a good PS2\PS1 library and would like to keep it. I'm lucky, got the PS3 60 Gig so have the compatibility and have upgraded it to 320 Gig, so shouldn't have space issues for awhile (hopefully :o) ).

puki4326d ago

WTF SONY! Why the hell isn't the Dual Shock 3 controler bundled with all sku's like yesterday!

PSWe604326d ago

As long as it has backwards compatibility and that the price doesn't shoot above $400, then it should sell well despite the size of the HDD.

ruibing4326d ago

I liked the whole 40GB and 80GB strategy, they just need to either provide a better bundle or drop the price a bit. They were really starting to turn things around, though maybe not as fast as they would have liked.

Snukadaman4326d ago

I think this is a "wait and see attitude" towards how well this 40 gig can sell on its own merits....since they only have the 40 gig in europe...maybe a couple of weeks...then they announce another all honesty this doesn't exactly induce any consumer confidence.

thedude176554326d ago

they also have to wait for the 80gb sku's to be sold off, or at least most of them before they decide to bring out a new sku will dual shock and a bigger hdd for possibly the same price.

haloblows4326d ago

and bundled it with GTA 4 at the price of $400. It will sell like hot cakes.

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The story is too old to be commented.