New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Star Coin Video Guide

"Discover the location of every Star Coin and secret exit in New Super Mario Bros. 2 with our complete V-Guide!"

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Eternalb2790d ago

How is anyone supposed to find that first 1 in 5-1?!

multipayer2789d ago

when in doubt, follow the coin trail. On the wii they made arrows and all kinds of hints.

Knight_Crawler2789d ago

I am still puzzled as to how no other developer can replicate the awesomeness of Mario.

Nintendo just has the majic touch when it come to platformers.

Ult iMate2789d ago

It's just your nostalgia.
Gex, Crash, Spyro, Klonoa, Ratchet, Jack, Rayman to name a few.

chukamachine2789d ago

Knight crawler, i do agree Mario type games are awesome.

But i remember jet set willy,manic miner, Rick dangerous.


That is flash version, more like tombraider,lol.

These games are very old as you can see. But you can't touch the classics.

Mario is a classic.

I'm surprised though, super mario bros 2 hasn't made to the wii yet. Considering the istall base.