Top Ten Video Game Characters Who Can't Seem to Catch a Break

SA writes: The characters on this list have lives that simply won’t allow them any breaks or down time to speak of. Their lives are always cranked up to 11. Be it a personal choice or simply bad luck, the characters on this list just can’t seem to catch a break.

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ToZanarkand862787d ago

Ryo Hazuki.... He's been stuck in a cave for over 10 years....

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Tokyo_reject2787d ago

Nathan is....not really part of this list in my eyes.....He kinda....goes to find trouble...

prototypeknuckles2787d ago

i would add the prince of persia, why first he has to kill his father,love of his life dies before him, he brings her back but she doesnt remember him, hunted like a rat for 7 years by some psycho beast finally destroys it should be happy sailing home right, wrong gets to his kingdom its under attack, gets taken over by a darkside that wants to rule his kingdom with an iron fist, father dies again. At least he was happy in the end.

thebudgetgamer2787d ago

Luigi, allways in the background.