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It is clear from the very beginning that the game builds on music and gameplay mechanics has been designed with that intention.

BOG wrotes that simply put: It works!

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MkaY2786d ago

Try this game. It doesn't cost much and it is VERY GOOD.

Xperia_ion2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Nintendo fans would like this game, the user generated levels have a lot of Nintendo games.


r212785d ago

Sadly the hardcore nintendo fanboys will most likely hate on this game and probably say its ripping off Mario somehow :L
Dont misunderstand my statement though, there are also pretty cool Nin fans that dont hate :D

PirateThom2786d ago

Awesome game, but it's not until you finish the campaign that it starts kicking your ass and calling you a bitch. Perfect difficulty though where it's just frustrating enough to make you play on.

Also, Cities by Beck is an awesome song.

MasterCornholio2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I bought this game and even though I didn't finish it, it is extremely good.

Currently im spending more time creating levels than playing the campaign.


Insomnia_842786d ago

Finally got Platinum for this game on the Vita. Death Mode is very challenging BUT I GOT IT!!!! PS3 version next.

Shikoro2785d ago

If you beat it on Vita, once you start the PS3 version, the trophies should just pop up one at a time until you get the platinum. Done deal. :D

Insomnia_842785d ago

That didn't happen!!! wth?! and when I try to do the Cloud Sync on the PS3 version, it says that a network error has ocurred. I'm going to see what happens after I get the first trophy.

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