Sega PS3 games release dates and prices

Sega announced release and price details for the Japanese PS3 version of the classic fave Sonic the Hedgehog, and price-wise the news is good.

Japanese gamers will get to test drive Sonic the Hedgehog ahead of the rest of the world when it goes on sale December 21. As for its price, it won't burn a hole through gamers' wallets. Pricing is set at ¥6800 (about US$57), which is the same as the standard current generation version.

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xrobbanx5917d ago

Sonic is on the marketplace and i plays like crap one of the worst games ive seen

TheMART5917d ago

Nobody cares anymore for PS news I guess. Man, MS is pulling a show and Sonic I am playing it right now!

PS3 Ultimate5916d ago

360 what? A JOKE thats what! TheMART u are pathetic as well as PUAL and Topgamer (TheRealDeal) and LANDSOFSANDS and bladestar as well as the rest of the xbots. Seriously man. Look at ur own console the 360! it looks like the weapons they use in Ghost Busters. LMFAO! You 360 fans are just posting where noone posts because u all feel threatened by what Sony has.

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