PS Vita at Gamescom – A New Hope

The PS Vita hasn’t been doing too well since launch. This is set to change (at least for the latter half of 2012) with the announcement of new titles from Sony during their Gamescom show in Cologne, Germany...(continued)

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remanutd552779d ago

lol not even one comment but if this was a sales or lack of games post then this would be packed of kids hating on the vita, where are you sales analysts?

anyways as i've been saying after the conference i love the fact that 2 of sonys ELITE studios are leading the way of next AAA vita titles, that gives me hope to see the likes of Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Polyphony Digital and Quantic Dream working on new original IPs on the little system as well.

and of course new features like Cross Buy, new ways to use the vita as ps3 controller or second screen, ps one, playstation mobile and playstation plus support are good reasons to give more value to the system as well.

sony needed to sent a statement on the vita at gamescon and in my eyes they did, only thing i would change was to close the conference with Soul Sacrifice gameplay instead of Call of Duty but Call of Duty sells more so...

remanutd552779d ago

phantom disagrees? feeling the heat too much cowards? say something at least.

EvilJeffBridges2779d ago

I'll be the one to say it. The cowards you speak to are no cowards at all. They are trolls. Their numbers grow everyday. I've already said too much.

Hicken2779d ago

Even if they had something to say, it wouldn't be rooted in reality. It'd be rooted in ridiculousness, in ignorance.

Xperia_ion2779d ago

Trolls cant stop the love.

CommonSenseGamer2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm a long time playstation owner and currently have 3 PS3s and 4 PSPs in my household. As yet I am still not convinced that the Vita will sell in the numbers needed to make it a viable platform ongoing. The announcement of cross buy and some new first party exclusives have not changed my opinion. Its still simply too expensive!

The Vita simply offers me nothing but gaming which at its current price does not represent good value to me. It costs more than a PS3 which offers better games and better media support. Sure you can't game on your PS3 whilst on the move but I now have a tablet device for my mobile media and entertainment. It cost less than a Vita and does more than the Vita ever will. Ok, my tablet can't do gaming anywhere near as good as a Vita but I enjoy more than just gaming whilst on the move.

Its funny how people who support the vita as though their life depended on it call everyone kids or fanboys if they don't support or believe in it.

remanutd552779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

its really funny to see 1,000 comments on posts like vita is doomed, psvita doesnt have games, psvita isnt selling well but on positive posts like this that involves what really matters ( games and features ) you dont see lots of comments because on post like these only people with psvitas and people interested in the system are commenting, what else do you guys want besides everything we are getting from sony? the vita is getting WAY, i mean WAY better support that then ps3 ever did at the beginning of the console cycle or you dont remember how lackluster psn used to be? or there was almost no decent games to play? Sony sent a good message on gamescon, you are only 1 ps3 owner out of millions perhaps others are attracted to cross buy features and want to jump to play their favorite games on the go, can your ps3 do cross game chat? can your ps3 see vita players online? does your ps3 allowed you to use panels? i do agree that the vita is a bit expensive , it doesnt have an appealing price at the moment but that should change in the future.

got to remember ps3 is 6 years old technology and it has had some serious work from sony to turn its fate around, it didnt happen on a day.

im not defendind with my life the vita, is just funny to me that on this very positive articles there is nobody to be found but if the article was talking about sales and lackluster games there will be 100 comments already, but because sony is using 2 of its elite studios to develop the next AAA vita titles, sony is bringing psmobile support, ps one support, playstation plus support, different ways to use your vita as ps3 controller or second screen or cross buy feature you dont see the people who always talked crap on this article, they are hiding, they dont want to see this article because, they dont dare to comment on articles like this because they simply can't, its not because they dont want to its because they simply dont know what to say.

remanutd552779d ago

oops i meant to say trolls lol.

GribbleGrunger2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

'sony needed to sent a statement on the vita at gamescon and in my eyes they did, only thing i would change was to close the conference with Soul Sacrifice gameplay instead of Call of Duty but Call of Duty sells more so...'

Absolutely. The only hiccup in the proceedings was to (ironically) pander to the fashionable gamers out there. It WAS a inspirational conference, perhaps not on the scale of 'saving' the Vita (which of course we all know it doesn't need) but certainly in line with motivating support from more 3rd party devs.

I would say this though. To all those Sony fanboys who are hooked on the idea of 'beating' Nintendo, forget it, at least for the next 5 years anyway... and even then it may never happen. Just concentrate on the Vita getting supported. That's all we need for our little box of loveliness

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DarkHeroZX2779d ago

This Guy just joined N4G just to post this?

wanieldiik2779d ago

I never lost hope on my psvita. I think it to this day, this machine has some sweet software. But holy hell, Sony delivered on gamescom this year. I'm really looking forward to killzone mercenary, playstation all stars and AC liberation.

DEEBO2779d ago

The first post hit it right on the head.the vita is about crank up,with the new games and features thatremanud55 just posted. i see a bright future for the vita even if the sales are down.and the only reason for that is the cost.not because of it's games.if the vita was only 100 dollar's with a memory card,it would fly of the shelves.Good post thatremanud55.

Xperia_ion2779d ago

That guy always has good posts.

Sanquine902779d ago

Only Tearaway is for me a must have. A lot of friends are considering to buy a vita only for that game:D

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