Nerf The Noob: PS4 Discussion

Lee of Nerf The Noob discusses his thoughts on the PS4 along with some great Battlefield 3 gameplay.

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DJ2782d ago

Not sure what the point of this video is. We're not going to get a huge performance leap with next-gen, just a leap in services and OS quality.

Persistantthug2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

and when we get said hardware.

For example, I'm rooting for holiday 2014 (maybe even later if that's what it takes), at which time, a PS4 could have the total output of an ATI 7950 or 7970. And since those high-mid end GPU's are already $350 - $400......obviously, 2 years from now, those would be easily doable....maybe even a little bit better.

3 Terraflop+, output wise, should be enough to usher in a large enough leap....Wouldn't you agree?

(Edit in....for the record, I'm not the one that hit the disagree button on you. lol)

Silver-Hawk2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Anyone who thinks next gen consoles as in Xbox next and ps4 won't be significantly more powerful than hd consoles of this gen is an idiot or just simply a fanboy not wanting it so. A lot of these fanboys will be ok with a Xbox360 with a tablet controller then say its next gen.

I could talk about the advancements made in technology since 2005 but all one would have to do is look at the difference of specs of a hd console and specs of high end pc. A person could also look at top tech games on pc and top games on consoles to see there can be big advancements made in next gen consoles. I respect most console developers so I could imagine what a developer like naughty dog could do with high end speced machine that is equivalent to a high end pcs. Console developers of this gen have managed to do amazing things with such low speced consoles.

Next gen will be amazing

NerfTheNoob2782d ago

Hi Guys,

I made this video and the reason behind was to get a debate going in my comments and make the subscribers feel involved in the channel as this was my first solo video on youtube i wanted to test the response i would get from rumor videos and i have to say it has been quite good. I agree with Persistantthug ps4 can of course be a huge flop but i reckon in my opinion it will be out of this world with graphics and system running software

JBSleek2782d ago

- No proprietary hardware.
- Modern User Interface.
- Real triggers on controller.
- Better online and social features day 1.
- Kepler GPU.
- Late 2013/Early 2014 release.

That is all I would need in order to want to buy a PS4 and most of that is likely a given besides which GPU they will use and the release date.