Another developer bows down to Internet cry babies?

First Mass Effect 3 and how upset various people got over the ending, and now it seems before a game has even been released developers are paying attention to the negative comments towards their future wares.

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RaidensRising3020d ago

The power of voice indeed. Except sometimes moaners need to shut up or make their own game.

morganfell3020d ago

Much agreed. As was stated below, people had no context. That was what made their caterwauling all the more absurd. They attacked and attacked and attacked. Instead of, "Give us more information so we understand", it was attack, attack, attack.

There are two sides to this coin and as the saying goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Even if I don't agree with the way a game is going I also do not support the idea of bowing to internet criticism. The game then becomes title by committee and if you try to be everything to everyone you wind up being nothing to anyone. Developers should make their game, not the game the loudest (not largest) faction of the internet wants. Otherwise it will never be a title that shows the personal drive and passion that went into crafting it.

I side with the group that says sometimes these people need to shut up. If they do not like it then they should get off of their lazy asses and make a game. But the world has become the cult of scream until I get my way.

SageHonor3020d ago

People can complain about whatever the heck they want. Whats important is what the complaints actually are and how the developers react to them.

" If they do not like it then they should get off of their lazy asses and make a game "

Easier said than done..

saladthieves3020d ago

The thing is developers can't and will not be able to satisfy every single person concern out there. Unfortunately some fail to realize this, and take on the web to complain how the developers didn't do what HE/SHE wanted or expected in the game.

It's quite simple really - if you don't like the game, don't buy it. Yes, voicing your concern might be your priority but a line has to be drawn. After all, they make the games, we play them. If the tables were turned, they'd most likely be playing games that were made by us from our own interests, inspirations and views; not because they told us what they want US to make.

Diver3020d ago

easier said than done? thas the point dude. peeps act like devs can change crap to suit them at the snap of a finger. even for devs its work an time an money. an as it was said they shouldn't cave to screamers.

t0n3y3020d ago

Did it actually dawn on you that they released the trailer to actually gather peoples opinion? When the feedback came back negative it allowed they to change the direction/tone of the product. Yes I used the word product and not art or the term form of expression.

If the feedback shapes the game and they subsequently sell a extra 500k units, the company will be patting themselves on back.

SephirothX213019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Not really too difficult to start making games. Learn how to program. Learn c++. Get Frank D Luna's book on learning DirectX 11. Look up game engine design. Build a game engine for DirectX 11 (OpenGL if you want but not as used nowadays). Then create your game and your done. Or you could just download the Cryengine 3 sdk, learn how to use the engine and then programming in c++ and your off. Or use XNA which with C# which is the easiest option and how I started. Trust me, in a year, you would be surprised what you could do.

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jc485733020d ago

I'm tired of playing under people's shadows as if their opinions meant everything.

Jazz41083020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Kickstarter should have a game written and made by the masses and it could be interesting to see how that goes.

HmongAmerican3020d ago

The power of voice, indeed. A good way to make them listen, but of course you would get some people that just not satisfy with the out come.

MEsoJD3020d ago

It's the developers choice whether they make a change or not. If they made a change because of critisim/concern, than they obviously took it under consideration and agreed. I see no problem with this. The fans can't force them to do anything.

1Victor3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

@ raiden I disagreed with you simply because the trailer shown agent 47 going gear of uncharted shooting at everyone on sight when hitman have always been about stealthy killing. MG would go trough the same heat if they shown snake going into a room shooting even the flies of the walls.
If you read the article the developers didn't have a story for the fight and now they gotta think how they introduce this characters.
Anyway good developers listen to their fans .

showtimefolks3020d ago

the moaners are a minor group but they make enough noise to actually force developers to do things. developers should do what thet think is right.

its hard to please everyone case and point: resident evil 6. different campaigns for different fans and none will be happy. Because as moaners they will find something to complain about

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arbitor3653020d ago

thank you. this needed to be said.

OhMyGandhi3020d ago

Most of us have been entirely desensitized by everything we see, but every now and then there will be a narrow minded, politically correct, arrogant wind bag who knows he/she will be offended by what he/she may see, but clicks the link or reads the article anyways just to be further outraged at something they knew they would disagree with from the start.

As Raiden said, it's very much a case of having a majority of people loving what IO is doing, but a small, and very focal bunch disowning it and spreading their pre-packaged opinions in a way that people think is indicative of all public opinion.

matgrowcott3020d ago

If it helps, the vocal minority really does believe they're the majority and that everybody is getting what they want.

You're 100% right though.

OhMyGandhi3020d ago

I meant to say vocal, not focal.

dragonyght3020d ago

the funny thing the is internet turn majority into the minority

takohma3020d ago

People have so much bravery behind their computer screens. lol.

SilentNegotiator3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

The Hitman trailer had absolutely no context. Women jumped out, stripped into leather fetish gear, and were killed in violent ways. People weren't "crybabies" because they were put off by such an immature, cheap commercial. And now, they added the necessary context to the game. Not to thee trailer to "appease crybabies" the GAME. Because they realized that we like to understand what's going on in our games.

How is that so horrible? People made constructive criticism and the game was improved.

wallis3020d ago

I'd completely agree. The trailer was fucking terrible and that concerned me, I voiced my concern as did a LOT of people, and IO picked up on it. This isn't a case of democracy, nobody has the right to bulldoze their views of a game on any one else. Everyone has the right to speak and so did we. IO have gone on to re-affirm that absolution is awesome and now it's all cool.

It's so easy to render legitimate views as trash by referring to it as "bitching" and the "vocal minority" but that hitman absolution trailer was fucking galaxies away from the classic "beautifully executed" magazine adds of Blood Money. You can't sit there and pretend those nuns stripping into leather was anything but exploitative crap and it's not even like Hitman's other games dabbled in such boring trite. It was a break in the trend and honestly, all the other footage looked like splinter cell conviction. Linear and boring. If you like boring games that's cool but I don't like to be led around like a puppy. I like to poison donuts and stuff dead clowns into garbage cans.

Also mass effect 3's ending was terrible. In terms of watching a beloved series get violently gang raped in front of my eyes I'd maybe rank Phantom Menace as equal or below it. It was plot hole ridden bollocks - not a case of throwing my toys out the pram because I didn't get what I wanted. That ending was written like a fifteen year olds piece of fan fiction.

user54670073020d ago

Exactly...this is Hitman not some game where they can just show sexy nun fetish wearing women be slaghtered for no reason with massive explosions and tons of gun fights.

People arn't moaners or cry babies...they are just fans sticking up for the game so it dosen't get ruined.

Same goes for the F13 "complainers", the DmC "moaners" or the RE6 "crybabies"...people complain because they don't like to see developers ruining franchises they care about.

It's the reason why gamers get walked all over on by developers, you try and speak out and you get called a moaner...just for having an opinion.

prototypeknuckles3020d ago

Agreed and it doesnt help that some so called "gamers" try to defend these companies, like most of THE people defending DmC never gave 2 cents about the series until now, and how can people defend re6 and deadspace that have both become action games with explosions

user54670073020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I know right

New fans who have never give a sh*t about a franchise are the worst offenders for calling people moaners or crybabies. They never give a crap about a franchise untill 4/5 games in when the developers try and steer it in a new direction which then appeals to them....when old fans speak up and go "Woah what the hell is this, this isn't the franchise I love" the new fans feel the need to shut us up and call us names just because it now appeals to them.

It's like to them "Oh cool RE now appeals to me, I can't believe I get to say I'm a RE fan now with the reptuation it has in the gaming industyr for being such a cult classic back in the PS1/PS2 days". Same goes for DMC, FF, Hitman for example.

Sorry we don't want to be pushed aside after sticking to that franchise for so long. I find the whole thing new fans to with a franchise is selfish at the end of the day. Look at FF13 fans, instead of just sticking with FF fans and say "No were not going to buy more FF13 realated crap" and tell them to give us FF15 a game which then can appeal to ALL OF US, they'd rather just keep wanting for FF13 crap and excluded most of the real FF fans.

JD_Shadow3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

You forgot one: people who bitched and moaned about Metroid: Other M because Samus wasn't EXACTLY how they pictured her to be. They wanted her to be souless and uncaring, and they got someone who actually gave a shit when someone close to her died, and actually reacted as any normal human being should when confronted by someone who MURDERED HER FUCKING PARENTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER AS A KID!

And they had the nerve to say that the devs were the sexist ones!

I'm glad to see someone is FINALLY saying something about how whiny some elitists are getting because of little details that's not how THEY envisioned it to be!

EDIT: Forgot one more: WoW players who seem to never be happy with ANYTHING that Blizz does to the game, even when what they do is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASKED FOR!

HonestDragon3020d ago

Totally agree. Fans are sticking up for the franchises they like. We aren't being complainers. When I saw this particular trailer, I did a double take. I thought to myself, "This has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen."

This is Hitman, not Fetish Games 101. To be honest, I was worried about Hitman: Absolution after seeing this trailer. For the longest time, I was looking forward to this new addition to the Hitman series and what do we get? Scantily clad, nun hitwomen.

I never thought putting those words together would ever happen in my years of writing. This idea is dumb enough, but even dumber when a nun hitwoman character has been confirmed for the actual game voiced by Vivica Fox. I am not joking. This has only gained them negative feedback for the trailer anyway.

"We were surprised by the reaction to it. We've been trying to find out, y'know, how could we not see this happening? If we knew it would get such a negative reaction we would have done it in a different way."

No! Really? You're honestly surprised that your idea for fetish bound nuns with guns getting into a fight with 47 failed to impress anyone? You're honestly surprised that this stupid idea got you criticized for being sexist?

From Wikipedia: IO Interactive's Tore Blystad, the game's director, later apologized, stating they're "sorry that we offended people" and that it "was truly not the intention of the trailer."

*Facepalm* Okay, I'm convinced that they really did think this would be a good idea for a teaser trailer and that they were completely safe from any form of criticism. Mike, you are right that gamers do get walked on when we speak our minds, but in this regard they can't ignore us.

SilentNegotiator3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

"You forgot one: people who bitched and moaned about Metroid: Other M because Samus wasn't EXACTLY how they pictured her to be. They wanted her to be souless and uncaring, and they got someone who actually gave a s*** when someone close to her died, and actually reacted as any normal human being should when confronted by someone who MURDERED HER F***ING PARENTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER AS A KID!

And they had the nerve to say that the devs were the sexist ones!"

Oh come on. They made her whiny and male-dominated with a bunch of Freudian issues. No one demanded that the character be "soulless" (although, if that's what people wanted, they sure got it with writing and dialogue delivery). She breaks down when she sees her billionth Ridley, for crap's sake.

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