How Microsoft Created The Biggest Game Launch Of All Time

How did Microsoft pull it off? They were a boring, monolithic software company helmed by Bill Gates, the world's biggest geek. They made Windows. They made spreadsheet software and word processing programs.

They were a boring part of our lives we were forced to accept as a boring part of our technological infrastructure, only a few pixels away from concrete or plumbing. Then, of all things, Microsoft turned its hat backwards and tried to sit at the cool table. They released the Xbox.

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Joey Gladstone4335d ago

You stole the Words right out of my mouth on this one........I mean honestly The Damn Chief Was on my Slurpee Cup from Circle K thx
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

ukilnme4335d ago

I think it lived up to the hype but what do I know, I am actually a Halo fan.

Mr PS34335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

Halo 3 certainly lived up to the hype
It lived up to the goodie bag receiving reviewers hype ?
It lived up to the spotty retarded bots hype who lapped this sh1t up
And this game was out only for a few hours and the whole gaming community was laughing at this overrated pile of jurassic crap

Blademask4335d ago

Step 1. Hire an Advertising agency.
Step 2. Give them Millions.

You could market the hell out of pledge cleaner, it would be the same effect.

It had all the musings of a big budget movie. After the dust clears, Nintendogs has sold more without Nintendogs brand Soda.

ukilnme4335d ago

It was millions well spent. MS made their money back many times over. That's what marketing is for. Get the word out and people will notice the product.

Adamalicious4335d ago

Pretty much my sentiments exactly. My list was:

1. Spend a ton of money.

XxCYONIDExX4335d ago

Easily, it's a mulit-billion dollar if not trillion dollar caompany.

rofldings4335d ago

trillion dollar company, seriously? You believe that?

heyheyhey4335d ago

how much money have they made?

i doubt it's a trillion but it can't be too far away

Bnet3434335d ago

Some people need to go back to math class and remember how much a trillion is.

Adamalicious4335d ago

Is it more or less than a bazillion?

RecSpec4335d ago

Mathmetics 101

A trillion is a few kajiggers more than a billion, but nowhere near a jillion dollars.

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ReBurn4335d ago

I would have much more preferred they spend the money to make it the greatest game of all time. Not that it isn't a good game. It just didn't live up to the hype, in my opinion.

wageslave4334d ago

From Metacritic; Xbox 360: Halo 3 (2007) 94

Or, basically, one of the best reviewed games of 2007. "In your opinion" exactly. In MY opinion it was spectacular. I loved it, play it almost every day.

So do millions of others. It deserved the hype. It deserved the sales. It lived up to the hype.

"how did MS create the biggest game launch of all time?" Is the title question. The answer is: They released a TERRIFIC game and used mass-market advertising to get the message outside of the normal fan-base.

And, the game deserves all the credit it recieves. It is one terrific game.

Chippathingy4335d ago

I think Microsoft did a great job on the marketing of Halo 3. They showed just enough to 'wow' the fans of the series and then had a fantastic end product to boot.

Not overhyped, but gave the fans exactly what they wanted and asked for. But they probably did spend a little too much on the marketing. Word of mouth alone would have made the sales they got.

To this day, my friends play the hell out of it. Even though they also bought COD4.

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