'Crysis 3' will punish your PC, but only if you want to

Theverge : Crysis 3 will return at least a bit of control to PC gamers when it hits next year, the developers tell Polygon.

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ATi_Elite2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I just want the Crysis 1 Gameplay back. That's all I want in Crysis 3 along with Prophet and Psycho who survived Crysis 1. I don't really care about Cryteks Graphics claims cause the CryEngine 3 is just a Console Engine.

The Punishment comes from the amount of DX11 features being dumped on top of a DX9 engine and the code becomes resources hungry NOT because of producing Photo-like graphics but because it's running a code with a lot of junk dumped on it.

CryEngine 2 was powerful cause GPU's were not ready for DX10 and CE2 really produced Photo-like graphics unlike CE3 which doesn't.

Don't get me wrong the CE3 is a good looking Engine but it just hasn't produced the "OMG look at that" moments that the CryEngine 2, Frostbite 2, A4 Engine, Virtual Reality 4 have!

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hellvaguy2785d ago

"I don't really care about Cryteks Graphics"

Then why do you have a medium-high end pc at all? If you dont care about graphics, you should have saved some money and bought a lower end pc or stuck with console gaming.

But u didnt. So your point is irrelevant.

Dms20122785d ago

Plus he posted his PC specs, lol.He obviously doesn't care about graphics...

Autodidactdystopia2784d ago

I dont care about graphics either.

jsut kidding graphics are what you use to interact with the game on a mental level so the better they are the better portrayed the gameworld is

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