Game Critics: Game of the Year Winners Announced

Major Nelson reports: Geoff Keighley just sent me an email announcing the winners of this years Game Critics awards. Here, through the magic of cut and paste, is the email:

Top 10 Games of 2007:
1.) BioShock
2.) The Orange Box
3.) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
4.) Rock Band
5.) Super Mario Galaxy
6.) Halo 3
7.) Mass Effect
8.) God of War II
9.) Assassin's Creed
10.) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Game of the Year breakdown by platform:
Xbox 360: 7
PlayStation 3: 5
PC: 3
Wii: 1
PlayStation 2: 1

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Joey Gladstone4819d ago (Edited 4819d ago )

Dont get me wrong Bioshock is a Good Game.......but really?? better than COD4 (Best Multiplayer and Graphics)?? better than Orange Box(5 Games and Features Galore)??? I think Not....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

socomnick4819d ago

You might think not but the majority including me do believe so.
Bioshock was so great.

Dr Pepper4819d ago

Bioshock had great visuals and art design. I found myself looking at the surrounding environment a lot more in Bioshock than CoD. And single player is something everyone can enjoy, online multiplayer isn't.

Jack Bauer4819d ago

The Orange Box is a remake so that might be why it lost to Bioshock... But CoD4 is mainly multiplayer as mentioned, which is expierence based, and not content based... its what i call a Favorite Vs Best... Best is strictly content, where favorite is based off of expierence like remembering the good times with friends and such, stuff not meant to be apart of the game (not put in by the Devs)...its hard to explain, hopefully yall get what im saying

nn4819d ago

this part is interesting: 2007 Judge Ballots

Tempist4819d ago

I have to say that's nice work of BioShock to take 1st place. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure COD4 is great, but it cannot have as deep and intricate of a story as BioShock holds.

People tend to forget that not everyone is playing the multiplayer part of the game.

Dr Pepper4819d ago

CoD 4, in terms of story/single-player campaign, is nowhere near Bioshock.

Joey Gladstone4819d ago

Heavenly Sword 20
Uncharted 15
Ratchet & Clank ToD 15
Super Mario Galaxy 10
Assassins Creed 10
Odin Sphere 10
Halo 3 5
Motorstorm 5
God of War 2 5
Mass Effect 5 that list I like..
....."The Joey has Spoken"

Peekay4819d ago

Interestingly enough, the top three games were shooters. I also believe that Mass effect and uncharted should have been higher.

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The story is too old to be commented.