Kinect – A Missed Opportunity?

TGC writes: When I first saw the early previews of Microsoft’s ‘Project Natal’ (later to become Kinect) I was a little surprised – technology like that was something I’d not been expecting to see, or indeed experience, for another few years at least. Think back to 2009 – you couldn’t mistake your Macbook Air for a piece of paper, the iPad was a twinkle on the horizon, and we had what is often argued to be one of the best years in gaming for the current generation – I for one played the hell out of Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed II. Kinect seemed too good to be true, and the general reception on the net was that that was indeed the case. I didn’t get to play a Kinect myself, properly, until early 2011. Sure, I worked in a videogame store, but our store was too small to fit in a display – besides which, I had better stuff to spend my money on gaming wise.

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Blankman852785d ago

Understatement. I had genuine excitement when it was first revealed. I bought into the hype and bull big time. Was sorely disappointed by the end product and games.

EVILDEAD3602784d ago

Micrsoft succeeded on all fronts with Kinect because they took advantage of Kinect's strength and didn't bother with most of it's weaknesses.

We've had a zillion articles whine about Kinect, but when the authors whole point of Kinect being a missed opportunity because there isn't a Time Crisis game, an RTS, or a point sand click adventure it just shows that people will complain about anything.

I'm a motion control fan, I've owned everyone of them from every gen and will during the next. The jury was out initially but Kinect is still the overall best of the Motion controllers and even after Wii-U arrives it'll still be the best.

We all bought Wiis and it sold big on 3 fronts Wii Sports for bowling, Wii Fit, and Dancing games. It dominated the family genres.

Kinect killed all 3 at launch with Kinect Sports, Fitness Evolved, and Dance Central. It made a huge case for the families with the underrated Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures etc.

Kinect was never needed to control games like Halo, Gears, and Call of Duty. Because in the 360s case it has the absolute perfect controller for all shooters. NO motion controller can compete with it so why try.

Just like any motion controller system you have games that work and some games that don't.

For the kid who sits in his room and only plays so called 'hardcore' ganes then Kinect isn't his thing. For the fan troll who jumps in every Kinect article to bash it, we've kbown for a looong time that even if Kinect made his breakfast that 'Kinect isn't for him'.

But, for me if you have lots of friends and family of all ages that come to your household and you want to entertain them, I guarantee you that pulling out the latest shooter, Elder Scrolls, or an RTS?? isnt going to cut it.

That's why millions love Kinect Sports 1 & 2, and Dance Central 1 & 2 for example. Not because of some internet contrived' hardcore' argument.

Again, the numbers don't lie Kinect is a success and the potential laid out this gen will surely play out for the 720.


Bigpappy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I concur "Evildead". Kinect has been hugely successful, and still has more promise than Move or wii.
While I would like to see Kinect implemented in more sitting type games, those opportunities are still there. There is still a lot of research on the Kinect tech, and you can bet that with 720, you we will have new and exciting implementations of Kinect.
I bought mine day-one, and have to say that I am very happy with. There are some experiences that are so much fun (kinect Sports, Dance Central, Kinect Adventure, Fruit Ninja, Wreckateer ..., that could not be done on any thing else out there.
I also like the voice control in Bing, the Dash board and some of the core games. Kinect has become a major selling point for Xbox. Just like XBL. I know some core users will disagree. But, when 720 is released, I guaranty the Kinect version will lead sales, if the option exist.

NeoTribe2784d ago

Kinect is the best motion control? Its nothing but a broken gimmick. Everything it does, it does it half assed. Doesn't register movement well. Its nothin but a overpriced camera that u can talk to.

hennessey862785d ago

It could have been great but in the end microsoft wanted more profit

hellvaguy2785d ago

Funny how businesses want to make a profit. How evil of them to ever want that. /s

SilentNegotiator2785d ago

No one is arguing that money isn't the ultimate goal of companies.

But lots of companies do great with moral, ethical, and pleasant practices. And Microsoft is certainly a corporation that could do better in all of those categories.

hellvaguy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"But lots of companies do great with moral, ethical, and pleasant practices. And Microsoft is certainly a corporation that could do better in all of those categories."

Pretty sure Apple is sue happy these days, not MS. They sued Samsung for making "a rectangular shaped tablet". Also its very documented tha MS donates more to charity than most ever ever major company combined.

Also for you whinners (Silent) making up more falacies about kinect being marketed only for hardcore. Ya that never happened either. It was always intended for casuals that Wii was so successful at doing. Kinda why all the Kinect commercials were a bunch of families playing Kinect, not some 20 year old hardcore gamer playing alone in the dark. Another myth busted.

Ya MS they are definitely criminals that shud be locked up. Bunch of unfounded video game fanboy fantasies my friend.

SilentNegotiator2784d ago

Oh, that's right....Apple is the only other company in existence other than Microsoft.

SilentNegotiator2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

My cynicism saved me from Kinect, but I understand how people feel. When I was a younger, more innocent lad, I was excited for the Wii because they made a big deal about all sorts of things they could do with core/hardcore games. The thought of really AIMING my gun was such an awesome idea. But then it released a couple of crap hard/core games and it was mostly all casual titles from then on.

Fanboys drum up the "Kinect is simply not for you!" mantra to all criticism, but Kinect was ABSOLUTELY marketed as something that would have great hard/core titles. And now most of those games have released and have disappointed. Kinect Star Wars, Nightmare, Steel can't blame failed expectations when essentially all of the reviews cite things like bad controls, poor balance, lack of content, etc. They are BAD games, not "not for you!" games.

from the beach2785d ago

Absolutely, anyone who doesn't have one is missing the opportunity to play some of the best and most original titles of the past few years.

ChunkyLover532785d ago

Not sure how it can be considered a missed opportunity, it successfully extended the life of the Xbox 360, it drew in a whole new audience to the Xbox brand. It went down in the record books and its made Microsoft a lot of money, I'm sure Microsoft will expand on that with the Xbox 720.

If the leaked picture was anything to go on, Kinect 2.0 will be able to read you down to your fingertips. If they come out with 1:1 motion control with Kinect 2, I think it'll be huge.

Also, if you expected anything spectacular with the current Kinect, I'd have to call your bluff, I mean I own one and enjoy it for what it is, but I'm not giving up my controller full time or anything, and I never will. I'd say some of the features were a bit beyond my expectations, I do use it to control Netflix, Hule, Zune, Crackle and everything else on the dash.

Qrphe2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

The technology is out there (LeapMotion) for half Kinect price so there is no excuse for them not to release 1:1 motion controls

ChunkyLover532785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

You do realize that its not even available right now right? They are taking pre-orders and that is it. The site expects it to ship in 2013, which is the same time were supposed to be getting Kinect 2.0 with the Xbox 720.

Kinect was never meant to be the be all, end all when it comes to gaming. It was meant to be an OPTION, if its not for you, don't use it.

I look forward to seeing what future tech for things like Kinect and motion controls in general. I don't expect many around here to agree with me though, seeing as how the majority of this place called Kinect the next Sega 32x. Was kinda funny seeing people stay out of Kinect sales articles for a long time though.

Qrphe2785d ago

You misunderstood.

Cheap and accurate (1:1) motion sensing technology does EXIST as proven by LeapMotion, meaning that it's a new technological standard that Kinect 2 should strive to meet AT THE VERY LEAST or surpass.
But I guess that isn't very necessary if the market of the Kinect is one that doesn't care about relative product quality but does more about novelty.

Current Kinect may deliver to some, but to the other of us who are more demanding it clearly fails miserably with its physical limitations (RIP Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, from a From Software and long Steel Battalion and mech fan).

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