Does Darksiders 2 Live Up to the Hype?

GR's Steven "Sphyriel" Mari writes:

It's been quite awhile since Vigil's original Darksiders game. Little by little we've been teased with hopes of a sequel. Then the sequel was officially announced and all sorts of news came out. The questions on everyone's minds were: What the game would be like? Who would the main character be? Are there any new additions to gameplay. Finally on August 14, 2012 we would get to see for ourselves.

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firelogic2784d ago

I preferred the first game over the second.

lastdual2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

The first had a better story and fewer glitches.

That said, I'm loving Darksiders 2. It's just unfortunate that the performance isn't better. It reminds me of Skyrim, in that it's an amazing game, but dragged down by technical issues such as an inconsistent frame rate and a camera that can get in the way.

BushLitter2784d ago

Which platform you playing on?

lastdual2784d ago

Bought it for PS3. The frame rate is fine when indoors (most of the time), but it really chugs when you combine the larger, open-world spaces with a mob of enemies.

Judging from the many complaint topics on the official forums, it seems to effect both the PS3 and 360 versions. A patch is incoming, so perhaps things will improve.

MWH2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

me too so far. gameplay is good but bugs, low frame rate and low textures kills the experience. the first had screen tearing but none of the above.

DragonKnight2784d ago

I preferred the first one as well, but the second one is still amazing.

Things I miss from the first: Dashing. Yeah, Death has evade but it has longer recovery than War's dash. Blocking. I shouldn't have to equip a secondary weapon just to block. Picking up objects to throw. Actually useful Legendary equipment. And finally chests filled with souls to replenish your life or wrath.

the worst2784d ago

nooooooooooo overrated game

cyberninja2784d ago

Played the first one, found it boring. Have no desire to play the second one.

BushLitter2784d ago

So, in other words your opinion is of no concern

Perjoss2784d ago

It boggles the mind how some gamers prefer to troll a game they do not like instead of playing a game they do like.

I'm not even talking about people that make a passing comment, but those that virtually live on the forums of a game they do not like and fill it with topics of pure trollage :/

Be happy and enjoy life I say :)

Awesome_Gamer2784d ago

Best Game i Have Played This Year.

ps3rider2784d ago

Played the first one found int interesting, playing the second one and its really better.

MWH2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

shut your hole and get lost will you.

MattyG2784d ago

I think so. I lost interest in the first one after a couple hours.

vikingland12784d ago

Does anyone know which console it runs smoother on ? I have an xbox360 & a PS3 so I would like to get the better running version

-MD-2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


ProjectDeputy2784d ago

nice try nerd but THIS time the pc has the worst version.

i wont bother with the controls its just horrible
i haved to download motionjoy so i could play with a ps3 controller till ofc i bought the ps3 version.

Qrphe2784d ago


PC is STILL the best version. The only major problem with it was the lack of options in the settings (which are nonexistent on consoles anyway).

Raf1k12784d ago

Yep, apparently PC version run pretty well on different specs with the only real problems being the lack of options and kb/m support not being that good.

I'll be using my Xbox controller anyway so I should be fine though that VSync needs fixing as it's an option that doesn't work.

I'm hoping it's patched by the time it's out here in the UK.

ChunkyLover532784d ago

I played through the Xbox 360 version and it seemed fine. No issues whatsoever.

vikingland12784d ago

Thanks ChunkyLover53 for answering my question, which was which CONSOLE version was best? I didn't ask about the PC version.I guess the others didn't read my question. I actually went and picked up the Xbox 360 version when I went to the store today.

NeoTribe2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Viking, he wasn't stating that was the best console version. He simply said that's the version he bought... reading comprehension is a great thing to learn.

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