DLC: How developers should and shouldn’t do it

Brady Ruiters from ITF Gaming writes: So recently, as you all may have heard; BioWare explained that day one DLC makes business sense and in addition to that, it’s what gamers want. I don’t know which gamers they might be referring to but I sure as hell don’t appreciate what they’re doing.

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Mariusmssj2781d ago

One word : CDProjektRed

They know how to do proper DLC

Kin23g2781d ago

For me, it's ME2:Lair of The Shadow Broker DLC. I've played several great DLCs, but this one was just exceptional in every single way. It's the perfect example of how DLCs should be IMHO. It was two times better than the main game itself. And the ending was just brilliant. It delivered some of the video games' finest moments I've ever seen.

Xof2780d ago

Not... really. They've said themselves that their DLC model is very, very hard to do and can really only work under certain circumstances. And even then, gamers more critical than I could point out the fact that CDR's DLC could easily be classified as "content/optimization that should have been part of the game from day 1."

The simple fact of the matter is that there are an overwhelming number examples of universally bad DLC, but zero examples of universally good DLC.

The only "DLC" I can really point to and call it universally good isn't really DLC at all--I'm talking, of course, about the new wave of "bite-size" digital games, stuff like Journey and Bastion are the most recognizable examples of this, but it all began with Insomniac releasing some standalone Ratchet and Clank DLC.

DasTier2781d ago

Hmmn Lost and damned was awesome as was undead nightmare, but some of the other RDR DLC's "Legends & Killers" were a complete dud.

ITFGaming2781d ago

I was a big fan of Undead Nightmare.

CrimsonessCross2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

LOL! It might make "business" sense for Day 1 DLC, but it doesn't make for happy customers, in addition to making "common" sense.

It's what gamers want? DAY ONE DLC?!?!
Let's hope they beat or play the game for a month at least with the way people do things.

And yeah I have no idea who they're referring to...I am not paying jack crap for Day one DLC that probably should have been on the disc in the beginning. Cosmetic stuff I can see happening but that is content BEFORE RELEASE that should have been put into the release of the game...

I understand that it can depend on who it is and what content it is and I could go on and on about that, but Day one DLC...Just doesn't seem right.

And now I see why our games need fixes and patches aand everything. They try to finish the game ASAP so they can decide what they want to do with their DLC after people eat the game up.

MoonConquistador2781d ago

Well said crimsoness. If they want to offer optional DLC on day one like the ability to upgrade all stats to save you building up over time (Tiger Woods golf) then fair enough, that's for people with more money than sense and a lack of patience.

But when it comes to story lines that add something to the story (assassins creed) then its ridiculous.

Whilst we are on the subject, I hate the fact some trophies are patched into the game which then show on your trophy list, even if you had no intention of buying it. DLC trophies should be patched in when you buy the DLC (Motorstorm Pacific Rift)

ITFGaming2781d ago

That's actually extremely well said. It kind of forces you to download additional in order to finish off the trophy hunt.

CrimsonessCross2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Thank you MoonConquistador. :D Well said right back at you! :)

Yeah, I remember that crap. I think or have seen lots of games doing it the way you said about buying the DLC and adding them into the achieve/trophy list (well, as I've seen on the 360, I don't know about PS3). If you're a completionist of the core game and DLC is released and messes everything's irritating.

And at least you helped me clear it up and understood the direction I was taking my comment in :) my mind branches off in so many directions sometimes and it can be taken in different ways depending on how view people see it.

Repeating myself a little
It depends on the game, what the DLC gives (how much content), how much it is, what company is behind it and so much more, but in no way should DAY1 DLC be made before it can be bought and shipped around the release date; it is something that should be shipped with the game.
The disc-locked DLC as well is insanely effed up as well..."here let's put some DLC on the disc to save them a download time and having to put it up on the marketplace!"....uhmmmNO.

The AC2 (the extra segments) DLC was a poor excuse to squeeze money out of people. Never bought the AC2 "DLC" either.

Dlc plans are fine, of course...Day1 Dlc though is too soon.