Fatal Frame 4 Preview. What should you expect from Wii's latest horror game?

It looks like Nintendo may have bought Fatal Frame, so this game seems to be a Wii exclusive.

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Bill Gates4334d ago

This is indeed the game that will make me fork over my money to the Big N.

I'm a big fan of this series.

PS360WII4334d ago

Tecmo, Nintendo, and with Suda 51 along the longtime series producer. Nice list of names right there and produced by Nintendo as well ^^

Crazy rumor in the article as well. Sorry if you're a Fatal Frame fan and a Nintendo hater. Rumor is Nintendo bought the Fatal Frame name...

Beren4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Not a rumor or hate... but i believe you should have take a look at the whole article before. Well because we don't have even half paragraph in here...i will paste one paragraph from IGN (like it should be, following the posting rules...):

January 30, 2008 - For fans of the horror genre, there are few games that can stack up to the intensity and mood created in Tecmo's Fatal Frame franchise. Even if you've never played Fatal Frame before, however, there's reason to start paying attention now, as the franchise's fourth incarnation is heading exclusively to Wii.

Now that was not too hard huh?

And yes i do love Fatal Frame and seems cool to play it with the Wii control :)

PS360WII4334d ago

Huh? I didn't even submit this? I read the article as well which is where I got that rumor. Oh wait I see you meant on the top. Yea I go to source before I go in the comment section sorry didn't see the teaser, but more people should go read the article before posting anyway so the less here the better chance they'll go to the actual article

Beren4334d ago

To read and then aprove, because this is a really good find but, oh well we have nothing from IGN here (text i mean) while the original article is really rich and long.

But i am still happy to see Fatal Frame :)

Thx for the news =3

PS360WII4334d ago

Yes Fatal Frame should be scary as ever ;)

PS360WII4334d ago

and to whoever is disagree'ing to what do I own this pleasure?

ChickeyCantor4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

People here tend to disagree on alot of stuff even with stuff like the banana being yellow.

let me put it this way they are morons.

Night4ll4334d ago

I was at work when I submitted this article... I forgot to put in a paragraph from the article... I'm such a noob...

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gamesblow4334d ago

I never got into them... I tried playing the 1st one. It didn't hold my interest. Then again, Resident Evil, Silent hill and Alone in the Dark have grossly lost my interest too.

I loved Silent Hill 1 and 2 (beat them both many times) got 3 and 4 and both are sitting on my shelf still. Played them for maybe 30 min each.

I loved Resident Evil 1 and 3, tolerated 2... Really dig Code Veronica (again, beat them many, many, many times) Resident Evil 4 comes along... played it until the monster from Lord of the rings came out of the cave and said nope. This is going on the shelf. Haven't touched it since. Garbage game. I should've knew the direction it was going,though. I mean, it had a giant monster fish right before this fight.

Moral of the story... Scary games don't interest me anymore. They're not scary. Teh gameplay usually sucks and suffers from stiff, terrible tank-like controls and overall is just not fun to play. Fatal Frame, I'm sure is no different. Just like Clock Tower.

ChickeyCantor4334d ago

im not a gfx whore but i wonder are those INGAME or CGI?!
if its ingame then i didnt see this beauty coming... never played the game how good is it ?( regarding what the Preview says i want to hear it from some fatal frame lovers)

PS360WII4334d ago

graphics do look nice though my money is on CG

Beren4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Those screens can be in game yep (i am not really sure).
The game is really good for me is one of the best (for not to say the best on this genre), you have an upgradeable camera and tape that absorbs the *essence* from the death, and you have to take shoots (photos) of them, so you get pretty scary moments while you are wandering around with the camera and a *the ring* style ghost suddenly appears in front of it (if the camera is zoomed in go figure lol). I do love the series.

ChickeyCantor4334d ago

K thnx, i think ill keep an eye on this one.

And it does look like CGI XD i put my money on it too

BrotherNick4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

haha, that's for the ps2 of fatal frame 3, expect the wii to be about 2-3 times better.

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