Zack & Wiki 2 possible says the producer

Capcom Producer on Zack & Wiki, Hironobu Takeshita, was interviewed last year about the game. During this interview he was asked if he sees Zack & Wiki become one of Capcom's banner franchises with sequels or if it's a one-time game only. VGB quotes his reply: "I have a lot of confidence in Zack & Wiki, and especially the foreign media [outside of Japan] seem to have a lot of hope and respect for the title. So of course it depends on how it sells, and the sales of the title, but that is something I would like to do, to turn it into a series."

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wiizy4334d ago

im not sure why people have not been picking this great game up. it must be the kiddish characters

TruthbeTold4334d ago

The characters are rather cartoony for how serious the puzzles are, and they aren't very endearing either. (I did feel sad for Wiki on the ice mirror stage though).

MK_Red4334d ago

It was beyond sad how a masterpiece like Z&W didn't sell much while a mediocre title like Mario & Sonic At... sold like hot chocolate.
Terrible sales of gems like this and No More Heroes are indeed disturbing but it's more than great to hear the devs considering the possiblity of the sequel.

TruthbeTold4334d ago

I own Z&W and No More Heroes, but Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games is alot of fun with a group of friends. I admit though that having a background in Track and Field might influence me a bit. :D
In any case, I'm glad it's selling well. Zack and Wiki is around 200k now because of Europe. They should have more than made up for Development cost by now. I also think that NMH will do well in the U.S. Well in an almost 500k sense anyway...

BlackIceJoe4334d ago

I so hope there will be a new Zack and Wiki. It was one of those games you can't miss, yet so many people did. So they really missed. I just hope if there is a second one they will not miss it this time around.