Reset: Do Gaming Journalists Favor Japan?

Shane Satterfield:

This week Alex Hutchinson, the creative director behind Assassin's Creed III, made quite a stir when he claimed that Western journalists give Japanese game developers a free pass, but is there any truth to it?

I will remember my first trip to Japan until my last breath. When I walked out of the train station into the games and electronics district called Akihabara the first time, I imagine it felt a whole lot like when a believer walks through Jerusalem. I felt like I was standing on hallowed ground where incredible things had taken place that I was not able to see with my own eyes. I felt envious that I had missed it and I wished I had been a part of it. I was home.

That was a long, long time ago, but I imagine that many players would feel this way if they stepped into Electric Town tomorrow for the first time. There's simply no denying that Japan has a special place in the hearts of most modern players. Many of them grew up in the 16- and 32-bit eras where Japan built its legend by unleashing one amazing experience after another for more than a decade. Or they championed either Sega or Nintendo at their school lunch table. It would be inhuman to not form some semblance of reverence.

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Hicken2780d ago

Not even close. The majority of Japan-related gaming news we get is negative.

JRPGs suck.
Nintendo doesn't do core anymore, and the Wii U will fail.
Sony sucks and is going bankrupt, lmao.

If it's gaming-related and from Japan, "journalists" have found a way to bash it. Even legendary developers like Kojima aren't safe.

BrutallyBlunt2780d ago

Mind telling us all why you keep coming here then? All you do is whine about the media and argue with people in the forums. You seem to have a sick relationship where you hate it but can't get enough of it.