Father Figure

Escapist: Here's something I don't like to share with people: My dad died when I was thirteen. He was a lifelong alcoholic who struggled through a divorce with my mother, the constant weight of finding this month's rent, and a presumably overbearing conscience that always reminded him he wasn't living his life the way he should have been. By the time he passed, he was living in a rundown trailer in his friend's back yard, absently detoxing, losing an unhealthy amount of weight, and salvaging whatever amount of his time as a father he had left. I loved him.

Since then, I've taken up gaming as my preferred form of entertainment. Videogames have been my food for thought, my inspiration, and my escape for years now; when I was going through my roughest portions of adjusting to dadless life, certain games were always there, inviting me to revel in their fantasies.

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