CCC: Sleeping Dogs Review

CCC: This is a fantastic game. Where some strive for realism while sacrificing fun, or focus on fun to the detriment of realism, Sleeping Dogs manages the impressive feat of finding a between the two. The characters are universally interesting, the story is engaging, there is never a shortage of things to keep you busy, and it all comes packaged in a gritty and visceral virtual version of Hong Kong. What more could you want?

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MagneticDeath3078d ago

Wicked fun, best game I have played in a while. Definatly a sleeper hit.

Pintheshadows3078d ago

I've been playing for about seven hours and i've just discovered there are missions to do. I was happy with just slamming pedestrians heads in car doors. I would give 9 out of 10 for that alone.

SP3333D-O3078d ago

Loving it. The games gets better as my skills do.

3077d ago