Electronic Arts (EA) for Sale - And Why Gamers Should Care

Electronic Arts (EA) is up for sale, and while the discrete maneuverings are going on, gamers should think on what impacts this issue may have on them.

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DaThreats2785d ago

It'll be over if Activision owns them

Blankman852785d ago

Except Activision itself may also be up for sale.

JBSleek2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

No Vendi stock in Blizzard is up for sale. Activision themselves is not up for sale the joint merger is and only 61% of it is.

adorie2785d ago

If that happens, There will be fewer choices for me. I'm gearing up to Boycott Blizzard and anyone associated with them by closing down my wallet to them, their games and sadly, the developers who would be working under them, should this occur.

zeal0us2785d ago

Nexon already offered to buy EA once this year. So if anyone going to try to get EA it would probably them depending on the price.

SilentNegotiator2784d ago

It would be a massive shame if Activision or one of the big three bought them. I can see no good resulting from any of them acquiring EA.

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OneAboveAll2785d ago

EA aren't going to sell themselves.

OneAboveAll2785d ago

Since I can't edit my post I will just say that if something ever happened where they did sell, Microsoft should buy them. Complete exclusivity to EA's huge game library and the death of Playstation.

d0nT wOrrY2785d ago

you have such a wide imagination there boy.

elhebbo162785d ago

yeaaa, no. ea has bin a third party from the begining... and im talking way back so going exclusive NEVER gonna happen

unchartedxplorer2785d ago

......I'm sorry your comment is so retarded in so many ways that I can't comprehend what you are saying.

Perjoss2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

If you are a true gamer you should not wish for the death of sony or the playstation brand (even if you are the biggest MS/xbox fanboy in the history of mankind). One of the best things that has happened this generation is the close competition between Sony and MS. If one of these companies had rocketed ahead you would have seen them stop trying to please customers so badly.

Healthy competition is what keeps these companies trying hard to impress us and win us over.

Megaton2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

It would become a net loss, buying a giant publisher like that and making all of their games exclusive. Their sales would be essentially cut in half, or worse if they also cut PC support.

Qrphe2785d ago

Which would make EA's profits even less than what they are making the purchase a complete mistake

Way to go failed troll

TheController2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

That's exactly what we need. Sony to get out of the gaming business so that M$ will have a monopoly on the console market.... Great idea. Imagine LIVE going up to 15$ a month, and the ads on the dashboard to increase or better yet, M$ does what they do best, which is systematically closing down studios one by one until none are left. That sounds like a great idea. /s

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Kran2785d ago

Well of course gamers care.

Do you know how many companies that make franchises we know and love that EA bought out that might be affected by this?

Knight_Crawler2784d ago

I think EA should sell all of the studios they bought individually and just focus on the sports and casual market.

If this does happen I hope MS buys Bioware or Bioware buys back them self but get MS to publish there games.

They had a good relationship with MS and Mass Effect one was BOSS compared to 2 and 3.

Run_bare2784d ago

I don't think so, it should remain independent of console makers. Microsoft and Sony should stay out.

Knight_Crawler2784d ago

@run bare - I would like that too becuase this would give Bioware more freedom and time to work on a game but the reality is that AAA games cost million of $ to make and Bioware even if they did find the money to buy them selfs back would not be able to afford to publish a AAA game.

R_aVe_N2785d ago

It would take somebody with some really deep pockets to buy out EA. It is completely possible to do with some company's such as Zenimax or even Google. I could see a company buying them for just the ip's alone that EA owns not to mention the studios involved. If this were to happen I think you would see a shift in all those development teams.

BitbyDeath2785d ago

I'd like to see Google get into the console biz.

R_aVe_N2785d ago

They have just recently started building development teams for facebook games so it is possible for them to expand to Consoles at some point if they see profit in it.