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kingOVsticks4334d ago

but why does yung suen(how ever you want to spell that) look like a gallon over suger in his tank butt pirate 0.o

games4fun4334d ago

dont care what new characters they add as long as they have the originals from soul calibur 1 then i will buy and play online and destroy/cut people to pieces

Fox014334d ago

wtf is master Yoda from star wars doing in Soul calibur IV!?

RecSpec4334d ago

It was big news awhile back. Darth Vader is on the PS3 version.

RecSpec4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

Has anyone seen anything regarding the Create system? I hope they rework that. It was a fun gimmick in 3 but with only 4 voices (8 including Japanese) I got the same feeling like I did with Oblivion, everyone sounds the same. Creating familiar people in 3 (Dante, Cloud, Big Boss) was pretty fun though.

And is it just me or is Maxi rocking the Altair look?

Keowrath4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

I'm wondering the same thing. I really enjoyed the creation mode in number 3 and me and my girlfriend made tons of characters to go through the "story" mode they did.

I've just been salivating over the screenshots on IGN, man! This game is shaping up really nice! Some of the textures are incredible. Look at the veins in Maxi's body on the first page, it looks stunning!

I read that they were going to expand on the previous create mode and I realize custom characters won't get quite as good as the main models but if they get anywhere near and give us a few more options than in the past this will be superb! Definately a day one purchase for me!

RecSpec4334d ago

Me and my sibs had tons of fun with the CAW way after the game was launched, trying to recreate characters. The only issue was that everyone sounded the same, Cloud sounded like Strider and Abe (Oddworld) sounded like Jesus...Don't ask.

Plus they need to get rid of that good/evil armor. It was a pain that you couldn't wear a certain piece of armor cause it would change you from an evil person to a good person. Keep the good evil aspect, but don't tie it to the clothes.

DFresh4334d ago

PS3 version of this game kills the 360 dead in it's tracks.

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