Diablo Creator David Brevik Discusses His Feelings on Diablo 3

Diablo: IncGamers caught up with Diablo creator and Gazillion's CEO David Brevik to find out his thoughts on Diablo 3 and he discusses the mixed emotions he feels about the game.

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josephps32785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

They blew it. Ruined one of the best PC game brands. From DRM, poor server service, useless rare items, bugs ... I know I'm forgetting other things but that's only because the list of frackups is so long to remember all of them.

SO I want my money back? What I can't get a refund? No problem because I already sold it and wow look at all these other people selling their copies too.

shackdaddy2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Ya, I never sell my games but D3 really got boring after the first 2-3 weeks.

Hopefully when the expansion comes out everything will be better. I think I remember a lot of people hating D2 at first also. IDK, I'm a very hopeful person so w/e...

StayStatic2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Live and learn i guess and like he says they learnt a lot of painful lessons from the mistakes they made , can't wait for the updates :)

da_2pacalypse2785d ago

I think you forgot to list the main problem with the game: It was too short and shallow!

Let's face it guys, the length of D3 was comparable to the length of the first act in D2. THAT'S PATHETIC! And that fourth act? that wasn't even an act, that was just a dungeon LOL!

I'll go on record and say D3 was the biggest disappointment in gaming for me. I've got Torchlight2 pre-ordered, and I expect it to give me everything I was expecting in a diablo game.

NeoTribe2785d ago

I played d2 for years and have to call your bullshit. D3 is not that short. You seem to forget d2 only had 4 acts when it came out, and the 4th act of it was JUST as short if not shorter. You obviously have no clue wut ur talkin about. Act4 consisted of killing izual, breaking soul stone, than kill diablo, seriously took 30 min if u didn't die a lot. Do ur homework mate.

da_2pacalypse2785d ago


I still play D2 to this date. If you don't think that the first act of D2 is the same length as D3, you aren't playing the same game as me...

palaeomerus2785d ago

I never bought D3 so I can't comment. If I can't play it offline then it just ain't Diablo anymore.

I too am hoping that Torchlight 2 launches soon, (before Borderlands 2 comes out, since that what I'll probably play until November despite having preordered Dishonored).